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Cedar Hill Gains Insight into Usage of Apps Through ClassLink


Which Apps are worth the money?

Cedar Hill was having a hard time determining which apps and programs were worth their investment; the district needed a tool that could track which apps were being utilized by students on a daily basis.

Choosing ClassLink.

ClassLink was chosen because its Analytics gives Cedar Hill insight into which apps are the most popular and which ones are hardly being used. School administrators now have the support to say, “Look, our campuses are logging into this site every day, there’s value in it and it’s benefiting our instruction, so it’s one that’s worth keeping because we have the data to back it up”.

The Outcome

Cedar Hill can now identify which apps aren’t being used at all and then find ways to either invest in more professional development, or strategically abandon those apps and save money.   No more guessing if students are using their instructional technology investments, with ClassLink Analytics, district administrators now have 24/7 access to login and web-app usage reports from their mobile devices.

With ClassLink Analytics, Cedar Hill will never have a meeting again where someone asks, “Does anyone here even know if people are using that software we spent all that money on?”.

“With ClassLink we’re able to see what applications are actually being used. We don’t want to spend money on applications we aren’t using; so, there are reporting tools that show how many clicks, or how many sign-on’s there are for each app.”

Neil Bolton
Cedar Hill ISD