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Embracing the Paradigm Shift to Digital

Although Jeff Davis may be considered a small, rural district, the leadership was committed to delivering a world-class educational experience to its students. What was once considered a future paradigm shift, digital learning is now the new normal and Jeff Davis needed to get there. Fast.

Jeff Davis began adopting a wide variety of digital learning resources, from supplemental curriculum to skills development apps. The district greatly increased its use of technology. With this increased use, however, came increased complexity. Teachers and students were excited about the use of technology in the classroom, but frustrated by the inability to access them quickly and easily.

Curriculum Leader Knows That It’s About Time

Having come up the ranks as a teacher, Natalie has experienced first-hand the challenges associated with adopting digital learning resources. “Students were excited and engaged when using new digital resources. What we didn’t know, however, was how to get them there faster and easier. That became a stumbling block for many of us.”

While engaging students with rich digital learning experiences was rewarding, losing 5-10 minutes per class period was extremely frustrating. “Along with my colleagues in technology and administration, we have to make sure that teachers and students have all the tools necessary to do what they do best – teach and learn.”

Enter ClassLink LaunchPad

Single Sign-On wasn’t necessarily on the radar of Jeff Davis when the district fully committed to digital, but the frustration and loss of instructional time made it clear that they needed to find a platform that would simplify their lives. Because of ClassLink LaunchPad, teachers at Jeff Davis have greatly reduced the amount of time they spend having to log in.

With all the pressures facing teachers and students today, Curriculum and Instruction leaders like Natalie recognize the importance of removing obstacles – including usernames and passwords: “Our kids are getting more instructional time as a result of ClassLink.”

“ClassLink has been vital to creating a smooth and seamless transition between programs in our district for all students.”

Natalie Hayes
Jeff Davis County Schools