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Duncanville ISD

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Duncanville Uses ClassLink as a One-Stop Shop to Improve Efficiency

The Challenge

Application Management and Rostering Issues

Managing applications was quite a challenge for Duncanville. Shawntee Cowan, CTO, described the situation before ClassLink, “We had a toolbox with all of these random tools in there and nobody actually knew what was in there to use, you just picked something and tried to use it.” In addition, management did not have an effective tool to track which programs were worth purchasing and the administration was facing never-ending rostering obstacles.

Choosing ClassLink.

Duncanville chose ClassLink as a comprehensive solution to many of the challenges they were facing. ClassLink provided the district with easy-to use SSO, a tool to track which apps were being used most, and ClassLink Roster Server.

The Outcome

Users now have SSO to all resources and files whether they are in the classroom, or relaxing on the couch at home.

Streamlined Reporting to Inform Decisions

With ClassLink Analytics, the district is now able to make informed decisions when renewing licenses; they can clearly identify which programs are being used often by the student body.

ClassLink Roster Server

ClassLink Roster Server utilizes open data standards to populate programs in real time and in a seamless fashion. In the past, it would take anywhere from 6-9 weeks to finally update software rosters.

“ClassLink is really a company that listens and is proactive to changes in the educational environment. From start to finish, just a week and we’re up and running, impacting instruction for our students. So, that is the best thing I can say for any product, hands off, just set it and forget it!”

Shawntee Cowan
Duncanville ISD

Project Lead

Project Leads

Shawntee Cowan
Chief Technology Officer


Education, PreK-12


Duncanville ISD serves four communities in Texas: the entire city of Duncanville and portions of Dallas, Cedar Hill, and DeSoto. The district currently educates more than 13,000 students at 18 campuses.


Duncanville needed an efficient platform to manage applications and roster students for new programs.


Including ClassLink in Duncanville’s 2016 portfolio enabled the district to streamline application deployment and utilization by students.

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Shawntee Cowan