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Today’s education environment demands that schools are prepared for quick shifts between remote, in-person, and blended learning. This can be challenging, but schools don’t have to face this daunting task alone. ClassLink was built for this.

Students need easy access to online resources. Teachers and administrators need actionable analytics. ClassLink makes the switch to remote learning less complicated by creating consistency in how students and staff engage with digital learning tools. Both teachers and administrators also have the ability to track engagement with resources.

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Learning Continuity Guidebook

Learning Continuity Guidebook

Build an enduring remote learning plan with advice and insights from a trusted group of education leaders. In this nine-part blog series, former CTO’s, technology directors, and thought leaders share the pillars necessary for your entire district to succeed with remote learning.

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Funding Support Book

ClassLink Funding Support

Schools that succeed with remote learning will have, among other things, a platform that provides students and staff easy access to online resources. Such a system will include usage reporting to serve as evidence of engagement and accountability.

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