Partner Spotlight: Tiggbee: FREE, Interactive, Video-Driven, Career Exploration (Grades 4-12)

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Tiggbee is dedicated to dismantling the sociological, geographic, and economic barriers that hinder our students’ outlook towards their education, future careers, and happiness. These barriers can impede their academic and personal development. Our unique collaboration between technology, information and people breaks through these walls with a pointed impact on the students’ perception of their learning and future career opportunities. By design, we use asynchronous video events with written communication to provide a comfortable and inspiring work-based learning environment for today’s students that our schools and teachers easily implement within their curriculums. Delivered through media that students are comfortable with, Tiggbee purposely chooses diverse individuals within the STEM fields and trades to share their stories and experiences. Beyond offering valuable insights into a myriad of career possibilities, our platform facilitates active engagement and networking between our schools and industry associations and businesses at both the local and national levels. Tiggbee is a free, cutting-edge work-based learning resource for our schools. Tiggbee ensures that all students have equal access and opportunities to learn about their future career options. paving the way for successful and fulfilling lives.

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