On-Demand Webinars

These webinars put the focus on our trusted partners. Join us to learn more about our technology integrations that support teaching and learning across all levels of education worldwide.

Kamkalima’s vision is a young generation who can express themselves in Arabic, and use the language to reflect and work together with others on building creative solutions to problems affecting our world today. Between 2017-2022 Kamkalima has reached 80,490 unique learners & teachers across the Arab World. A total of 503,199 were learning tasks assigned by teachers using Kamkalima. 41% average annual increase in student reading rate between 2017-2022. 

With current learning loss, absenteeism, and SEL issues, how can schools possibly make time during the school day for what each student needs to engage students and ensure student achievement? In order to provide additional personalized and small group instruction to solve these issues, secondary schools in the US and Canada are implementing a flexible time in their schedule where students can sign up for what they need. MyFlexLearning helps schools facilitate this time with intuitive rostering, enhanced communication and effective accountability. This workshop explores how top middle and high schools are using MyFlexLearning to drive student achievement and engagement through their flex time. 

Learn how Happy Numbers teaches students to “think math,” allowing them to explore the meaning behind the math, build upon simple concepts, create connections, and develop deep understanding. HappyNumbers.com provides a comprehensive solution for PreK-5 math teachers, enabling them to differentiate instruction and deepen students' conceptual understanding of math. As students engage with Happy Numbers, the platform learns about them simultaneously, scaffolding instruction and providing feedback based on each student’s level and progress. It’s akin to having a teaching assistant for each student in the class!

Linewize combines world-leading technology with world leaders in online safety education, IT administration, teaching, and student safeguarding. Our goal is to protect student wellbeing and help schools, students, and families develop better digital habits and better communities. Diving into this webinar we will review each of our solution offerings, the focus we have as a company around Student Safety and Wellbeing and how we can support and enable you as a district to be successful within these categories and beyond.