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These webinars put the focus on our trusted partners. Join us to learn more about our technology integrations that support teaching and learning across all levels of education worldwide.

Discover the most magical way to teach students to code with Disney Codeillusion by Life is Tech! The comprehensive K-12 computer science and coding curriculum includes engaging, step-by-step lessons with students' favorite Disney characters. Students engage in media art, web design, and game development as they learn to code in 5 different programming languages. All programs are designed to nurture and maximize each student's unique potential in a way that meets them where they are and grows with them as they develop year over year.

History of Simple Solutions – created by teachers for teachers Simple Solutions Approach – research-based strategies of retrieval practice, spacing, and interleaving to help students retain what they learn Simple Solutions Daily Routine – students complete a lesson then self-check answers; teachers provide feedback on troublesome problems; teachers introduce new material; teachers administer a quiz after 4 or 5 lessons Technology – STaR Center, digital teacher editions, digital quizzes, with digital lessons coming soon Success Stories – video testimonials