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Partner Spotlight: Setting Students Up for Success -The Importance of a Welcoming Registration Process in Data-Informed Instruction

ClassLink Partner Spotlights highlight the educational solutions that our partnerships provide. With seamless technology integration, we can better support impactful teaching and learning.

The webinar will provide valuable insights into the relationship between a streamlined registration process and student academic success. The presentation will begin by highlighting the challenges that school districts face when it comes to enrollment and the impact that a stressful registration process can have on families, staff and ultimately student engagement and learning. The presenter will explain how the RightPath™ Welcoming Registration platform simplifies the enrollment process for parents, freeing up family, administrators and teachers to focus on instruction that is informed by data. The webinar will also explore the role of data in instructional reporting and the benefits of using data to inform teaching strategies. The presenter will provide examples of how educators can use the RightPath™ platform instructional reporting tools to gain valuable insights into student progress and tailor instruction to meet individual needs. The webinar will provide a valuable resource for school district administrators, teachers, and parents looking to improve the enrollment process and support student learning.

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