ClassLink and NetSupport Partner to Maximize Digital Learning Opportunities

January 26, 2022
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Clifton, NJ - January 26, 2022 - As schools continue to navigate hybrid learning, ClassLink and NetSupport have partnered to support effective in-school and remote learning while maximizing technology-led instruction.

With this new partnership, schools using NetSupport School and can now automate rostering to those solutions using ClassLink Roster Server lite, which uses OneRoster’s open data standard.

This partnership empowers schools to work even more effectively. Once NetSupport School and sync with Roster Server Lite, teachers can select their school and access their Student Information System (SIS) data (lessons and required students) instantly. In addition to helping teachers save time when setting up their technology-led lessons, this new feature also offers IT teams more flexibility when connecting to student devices.

“ClassLink and NetSupport are a natural fit. We’re both working to improve efficiency for teachers, IT teams, and students alike. This partnership further supports our mission to remove barriers to access and return instructional time to the classroom.”

Patrick Devanney
VP of Interoperability, ClassLink

“Technology is such a huge investment in schools, but not everyone is maximizing its benefits. We wanted to go one step further and help break down any remaining barriers to using technology in the classroom. Saving teachers time and hassle by making it possible for them to access their lesson details from anywhere in the school makes the task so much easier and means that teaching time is enhanced – not to mention making and NetSupport School even easier to deploy, scale and manage for the IT teams. Teaming up with ClassLink made perfect sense with their experience and wide range of features to streamline classroom edtech use.”

Al Kingsley
CEO, NetSupport

Visit to learn more about using Roster Server Lite with NetSupport School and

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With over 30 years of development expertise, NetSupport School supports teachers with a wealth of dedicated assessment, monitoring, collaboration, and control features to enhance technology-led instruction. NetSupport School is designed to work flawlessly over both wired and wireless networks, across all platforms and for use in traditional PC, thin client or virtual environments., provides award-winning teaching, classroom management, and online safety tools – all hosted and protected by Microsoft Azure. From screen sharing and monitoring (all within one environment) to remote control and assessment tools, makes it easy to lead learning in classrooms and with remote learners.

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