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NetSupport and ClassLink have partnered! With this partnership, we are happy to announce that ClassLink Roster Server Lite is now available to all schools using NetSupport School and, even those that do not already use the full ClassLink suite.

With Roster Server Lite, NetSupport School and customers gain a secure, single sign-on solution and automated rostering from their Student Information Systems to NetSupport’s classroom management and instruction solutions. That means less time handling rosters and more time helping students.

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ExploreYour Rosteringand SSO Options

NetSupport School and customers can choose to move beyond Roster Server Lite and upgrade to the complete ClassLink solution at any time. ClassLink provides school systems with single sign-on, rostering to all digital learning resources (not just NetSupport School and, account provisioning, and critical usage analytics. Explore below to learn more.

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Let Us Answer Your Questions

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What are my single sign-on options if I use Classlink and NetSupport?

NetSupport School and customers can now use ClassLink Roster Server Lite for single sign-on as well as Google.


Who should I contact to take advantage of the NetSupport partnership with ClassLink?

Representatives from both companies are ready to answer your questions and help you with integration, whether you choose the full ClassLink suite or Roster Server Lite. Complete the form below to connect with a ClassLink representative or email NetSupport at


How much does Roster Server Lite cost?

Roster Server Lite is free for two years. The only cost is a small one-time setup fee of $495. After two years, your district can upgrade to the full ClassLink suite or continue to use Roster Server Lite for a low annual cost.


Can I connect Roster Server Lite to other systems?

Roster Server Lite will only connect and share roster information with NetSupport. If you would like to use Roster Server to deliver class rosters to all of your digital learning resources, contact a ClassLink representative about purchasing the full ClassLink suite.


How long does it take to set up Roster Server Lite?

It will take the ClassLink team one to two weeks to set up your roster server—depending on your SIS and the complexity of your setup.


If my district already uses the full ClassLink suite, do I also need Roster Server Lite to work with NetSupport?

No, if you have the full ClassLink suite, you're ready to connect with NetSupport at no additional cost.


Does Roster Server Lite work with other NetSupport products?

Currently, Roster Server Lite only works with NetSupport School and

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