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QuickCards: Making Single Sign-On Even Easier for Younger Students

The Challenge

With the expanded use of digital resources in Leon County Schools, the complexity of computer logins was becoming unmanageable, negatively impacting subscription software utilization rates and rendering digital textbooks practically inaccessible. Each resource required a unique login. In primary grades, small-group instructional time often gave way to time spent by the teacher helping students log in and log out at the computer center. From both the IT and instructional perspectives, streamlining the login process was imperative. However, no cookie-cutter single sign-on experience would cut it; the district needed something with added functionality – something that would work consistently across all of their content providers and ease the adoption process for teachers and younger students.

The Solution

Leon County Schools moved to ClassLink in August 2016 to improve access for their K-12 students, teachers, and staff. In order to further enable access to computer programs for their younger students, Leon began using QuickCards, which contain a QR code that is held up to the camera to instantly log in. Designed for younger students and those who may struggle with typing and/or require assistive technology, QuickCards relieve teachers from having to spend valuable class time on login issues. “Our staff are blown away with how easy it is to log in,” said David Schubert, an Instructional Technology Teacher and School Technology Specialist.

The Outcome

Leon County Schools helped refine the concept and implementation of QuickCards, now available to ClassLink schools around the world. Within 24 hours, ClassLink built QuickCard by ClassLink, a brand new, streamlined app designed for five- and six-year-old students to operate independently.

“Our teachers are recovering the time that was previously wasted managing the login process. Time is the most limited resource in our school; we are now recovering up to 30-40 minutes per day.”

David Schubert
Leon County Schools