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ClassLink Simplifies Technology and File Access in Joshua

The Challenge

Teachers were spending too much time at the beginning of every class period just trying to get kids signed on. “I used to carry a ring with these little cards on it with all of my students’ passwords from third grade to sixth grade, and I would flip through my ring to try and find their passwords when they couldn’t remember them.  So ClassLink has definitely alleviated that and put more time back in my instructional day,” said Jennifer Soules, a special education teacher at A.G. Elder Elementary.

Choosing ClassLink

Joshua chose ClassLink as their SSO solution because of its accessibility for any user, regardless of age or education level.  School administrators saw the value in reducing wasted class time by organizing access to all of their digital learning tools and files in one place.

The Outcome

Students sign-in one time and have access to every resource they use, saving valuable time in the classroom and allowing access from home.

In previous years, teachers could not use a multitude of programs in one class because of how long it would take to get all of their students logged in.  Now, students can now access all of their apps and files by logging in one time with ClassLink, allowing teachers to use various programs throughout each class period.

“ClassLink helps me as a teacher have less stress, no other program does that.” –  Tonya Bryant, Fourth Grade Teacher.

“ClassLink provides an opportunity for us to use technology in a much easier way. What we have found is that we have so many online resources now, from paperless textbooks to online software that students use, and ClassLink will put everything that every student or staff member needs all in one location.”

Patty Webb
Joshua ISD