Project Unicorn Data Interoperability Pledge

March 19, 2018
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ClassLink Signs Data Interoperability Pledge

ClassLink is committed to providing secure access, privacy, and interoperability in our products while empowering customers, educators, and families to achieve an enhanced level of engagement in their students’ education. With a shared mission to leverage data to create better outcomes for students, save time for teachers, and increase efficiencies for schools, several organizations have come together to create Project Unicorn, an uncommon alliance dedicated to furthering interoperability within the K-12 education space. In accordance with the data interoperability initiatives set forth by Project Unicorn, ClassLink pledges to:

Help Students and Families Transition to Connected Classrooms

We commit to working collaboratively with schools to transform teaching and learning. We will protect student privacy and commit within one year of signing this pledge to participate in the Future of Privacy Forum Student Privacy Pledge.  We commit to openly communicating our privacy policies and working with our customers to provide materials about our products that enable them to educate students and their families on being knowledgeable and engaged consumers of their data.

Advocate for Data Interoperability

We commit to maximizing equitable access and availability by advocating for data interoperability. We will publicly acknowledge our commitment to this pledge and encourage other vendors to participate.

Accelerate Progress Toward Data Interoperability for Our Products

We commit to ensuring that our software development process and roadmap prioritize interoperability.  We will ensure that product meets at least a Level 2 or above1 on the Project Unicorn interoperability rubric within one year of signing this pledge.

Provide Access to Quality, Data Standard Aligned Digital Content

We commit to aligning our product infrastructure to an industry aligned data standard and ultimately to achieving Level 4 on the Project Unicorn interoperability rubric. We will work to continually improve our products to meet industry aligned data standards and certification processes.

ClassLink Roster Server

Our dedication to data interoperability is evident with ClassLink Roster Server, which easily and securely delivers student enrollment information to digital learning resources, using open data standards. For too long, educators have been frustrated by class roster uploads into all the digital learning resources that need them. By establishing an automated process with tracking and receipts, we are able to eliminate the time-consuming task of manual input and custom CSV templates. ClassLink Roster Server uses OneRoster open standards and is certified by IMS Global Learning Consortium. For more information, videos, and documentation visit

About Project Unicorn

Project Unicorn is an effort to improve data interoperability within K-12 education. They aim to create a community of innovators who make the broader case for secure interoperability by determining shared priorities, working in partnership with school systems and vendors to understand its importance and benefits, creating a demand-side push for interoperability through partnerships, and educating buyers to consider the total cost of ownership through informed comparison of vendors. For more information, visit


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