ClassLink Now Includes Roster Server

Roster Server is a breakthrough for education technology.

Before and After

ClassLink Roster Server delivers class rosters to all your favorite digital learning resources securely, using open data standards.

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Problem Solved

For too long educators have been frustrated by class roster uploads into all the digital learning resources that need them.

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Ready, Set, Learning

No more manual inputting, custom csv templates, or expensive options for publishers and schools.

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Open Technology Standards

ClassLink Roster Server uses open standards and is certified by IMS Global Learning Consortium.

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Download the ClassLink Roster Server Guidebook

This playbook provides an introduction and overview of IMS Global open data standards and explains why it’s essential for today’s connected classroom. With an introduction to key specifications and a practical look at the implications for technology leaders, teachers, and students, this Guidebook has everything you need to to get started.

B.C. – Before ClassLink


A.C. – After ClassLink


I’m Curriculum & Instruction


I’m purchasing more and more Digital Learning Resources. But their usage is limited because of all the class roster import problems.


Digital Learning Resources are being purchased and truly adopted in my classrooms. Usage is smooth and pain free because student logins and class rosters are automatically created.


I’m the Technology Director


I’m in a ‘No Win’ scenario. Every learning website needs data in a unique template format. The staffing I need to do this is simply not possible. Every day there’s another ‘critically urgent’ data extract needed. Error prone and insecure data sets are emailed and FTP’ed all about.


I’m a Hero. My publishers now accept a common, open standards based data format. Only the required student information is sent. ClassLink Roster Server sends data securely and automatically. My student data stays resident on a virtual server at my district, not in the cloud.


I’m a Teacher


Learning resources are never ready and teachers are wasting time setting up classes.


Learning resources are ready for use instantly and they are kept that way throughout the school year even as enrollments change.


I’m a Student


I try to login but I don’t have a password. My teachers tell me that I’m supposed to see my class group, but I see nothing.


I use ClassLink OneClick and it automatically signs me in. My class group is already setup. This works from any computer, tablet and my phone. It works!


What is the OneRoster® Technology Standard?

A technology standard developed by IMS Global Learning Consortium that replaces multiple/proprietary class roster templates with one common web service agreed to by all members of the industry.

OneRoster® is a registered trademark of IMS Global.

Additional information is available at IMS Global here.