ClassLink Academy: September 2022

September 13, 2022
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It’s that time of year! School’s back in session, the weather is cooling down, and the leaves are changing! We’ve changed a few things too. We’re bringing you the latest in Q3 gamification, tidbits about the ClassLink Learning & Development Awards, our What’s New series, and the scoop on expired certifications. Plus, your Toolkit has gotten an upgrade. Want to learn more? Let’s rake it up and jump into a great big pile of what’s new at ClassLink Academy! 🍂

It’s All Fun and Games

Q3 gamification for ClassLink Administrators is in full swing. In the mood for some friendly competition? There are plenty of ways to earn points like logging into ClassLink Academy, sharing your bright ideas in discussion forums, and completing courses. We’ll wrap up Q3 on September 30th at 8pm EST (5pm PST). The top three winners on the leaderboard will be given special recognition and will also receive some seasonal ClassLink swag.

Nomination Time

Submissions are now open for ClassLink’s Learning & Development Awards. Do you know a fantastic leader in education? Simply select from one of our three categories; Magic Maker, Visionary Leader, or Iconic Instructor, and submit someone who you think would be a great fit. To nominate and learn more about the awards, follow this link:

Starting Fresh and What’s New Videos

Searching for a certification that can’t be found. Not to worry. The certifications you earn in ClassLink Academy have an expiration date. Once your certification has expired, that particular course will go back to your Course catalog. Simply retake the course to earn your up to date certification.

Check out our What’s New series that we’ll be releasing periodically. Expect punchy, short clips to bring you the latest on updates for all ClassLink products! You can check out the latest on Roster Server, OneSync, and ClassLink Academy now.

Discover More (Toolkit Gets an Upgrade)

Your Toolkit, now known as Professional Development, may have another name but the knowledge you’ll gain is just as sweet. Check out Canva for Educators to discover how to add a little (pumpkin) spice to your curriculum or explore how to connect with students in their language–emojis, memes, and GIFs.

The Professional Development anthology covers a bevy of information and we’re constantly adding new courses so you never have to stop learning. So log in and sip your favorite fall beverage as you enjoy the Academy. Stay cozy friends!☕



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