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Single Sign-On with ClassLink LaunchPad

Posted on June 18, 2014

How are your students and teachers managing the avalanche of logins and passwords they need to use every day? Teachers are constantly discovering great resources to improve learning, yet each new website introduces another login hurdle for students and staff. See how LaunchPad, your personal cloud delivers SSO to virtually any web resource, network or cloud file.


500 Securely Simple Single Sign-Ons

Posted on April 16, 2014

This breakthrough in SSOs, known as Autologins, securely simplifies the endless burden of logins for over 500 different applications. Created as a simpler way for educators and students to access their applications; these 500 Autologins represent the most used education apps in schools including many favorites such as Edmodo, BrainPOP, Moodle, and Study Island.


BYOD…Your New 1to1 Reality

Posted on March 20, 2014

With so many new and low cost devices available and BYOD more common… 1to1 will become a reality for many classrooms. However, this new reality includes a mix of different devices like never before. How can educators take on a classroom that has a mix of laptops, tablets and possibly even smartphones?

This webinar is for educators and leaders who need to know how to improve learning in mixed device classrooms.

Hear from experts who are making our increasingly complicated world a whole lot easier to manage.


Chromebooks: What school leaders need to know

Posted on March 6, 2014

Why are Chromebooks becoming the go-to choice for classroom technology? With so many device choices today, school leaders are asking which device is the best value and maximum instructional flexibility. This Leadership Webinar will focus on Chromebooks and answer your questions about these exciting new devices. Attend this webinar and you will learn why Chromebooks are likely to be in your future.

Andreas Johansson's experience as a classroom teacher and Technology Director taught him a simple goal 'use any technology that makes an impact on teaching and learning'. He sees Chromebooks as an easy to set-up and use device that can help.

ClassLink LaunchPad has created over 500 secure Autologin Connectors to the technology products used every day in schools; from Google, to BrainPop, to Edmodo, to Microsoft Office, to many others. These LaunchPad Autologin Connectors are essential to all the different devices we use in-school and out-of-school.


Using E-Rate for Cloud Computing 2014

Posted on February 12, 2014

E-Rate has been the topic of many recent news articles and the good news is it’s fully funded and expected to grow. As schools move to the cloud for instructional technology, understanding how E-Rate can help fund those projects becomes increasingly important. Upcoming program changes to E-Rate being considered will prioritize greater internet bandwidth for all schools.

Eligible under Priority 1, ClassLink offers LaunchPad, a personal cloud desktop for students and teachers giving access to school from anywhere. Accessible from any device, LaunchPad is ideal for 1to1 and Bring Your Own Device initiatives. Together with E-Rate, LaunchPad delivers 24/7 access to a virtual desktop from any connected device while lowering support costs for schools.