Data Interoperability: Streamlining MTSS With ClassLink and Branching Minds

MTSS teams have the important responsibility of collecting, connecting, and analyzing vast amounts of data that inform decision-making to ensure all students are supported efficiently and effectively. The problem is that data often “lives” in different systems and formats, which can make it difficult for educators to develop a comprehensive view of student needs, growth, and overall success. So how do we ensure that the appropriate data are identified, aggregated, and exchanged so we can DO something with it? Enter Data Interoperability! In this webinar, we’ll explore what data interoperability is and why it’s critical to your MTSS practice. We’ll also use Branching Minds and ClassLink as examples of how data interoperability looks and how it can help streamline your MTSS practice, enhance collaboration, improve outcomes, and ensure equity.

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Mary Batiwalla

Sr. Director of Data & Analytics

Dr. Eva Dundas

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