Better Access, Fewer IT Issues

Digital resources and applications are part of campus life. Unfortunately, so are the hassles they create for IT teams. Forgotten passwords, scattered files, security breaches, and problematic account provisioning are just some of the costly problems that take up valuable time for IT teams.

ClassLink's single sign-on platform has practical tools and analytics to tackle these problems—even during online learning.

How Can ClassLink Help?

Protect Data and Privacy

Private Cloud

Unlike most other cloud companies, ClassLink is your private cloud. We integrate with existing local networks and pass off authentication to your servers behind your firewall. We only keep enough data to identify your users in our system and only the groups specified by your administrators.

Everything is Encrypted

From your connection to our website, communication to our API servers and communication down to your local network, we use HTTPS/SSL for all communication. All our API calls require a temporary unique token that is assigned to your session and automatically deleted after you log off.

Secure Single Sign-Ons using ADFS/SAML

ClassLink can create secure connections to existing ADFS and SAML authentication sources eliminating the need to exchange passwords.

AES-256 bit Encryption

Every single user has their own unique key for their data. Sensitive data is encrypted for all users with AES-256 bit encryption.

Deliver Windows Apps with Web Socket Secure

Easily and securely run Windows apps from any device with just one click. Our connections use either SSH or WSS (Web Socket Secure).

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