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The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement in K-12 school systems is a true sign of the times. The 21st Century is upon us and educators are now responsible for producing responsible digital citizens, armed with 21st century skills, primed to become competitive workers in tomorrow’s global economy. With technology being such an integral life-skill, component of career readiness and learning, getting it into the hands of students is now more critical than ever before.

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BYOD Challenges

The benefits of 1-to-1 learning are clear: improved test scores, decreased drop-out rates and improved discipline being a few. For many schools BYOD is the only viable method to achieve 1-to-1 results. Naturally, with change come obstacles. How do we successfully integrate technology into learning environments? What will this look like? How will it be managed, measured, assessed and controlled?

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Challenges of Implementing a BYOD Policy:

  • Network Access—How do you provide access to existing network resources?
  • Application Delivery—How do you deliver existing applications?
  • File Storage—How can you access existing network storage?
  • Acceptable Use Policies—What new policies are required for BYOD?
  • Security—How do you provide secure access?

Mobile Devices in the Classroom

Research indicates that 90% of students under the age of 18 have access to mobile technology. These statistics combined with the rapid pace of technological development and increasingly restrictive education budgets have brought forth the birth of BYOD.

This guidebook is designed to help your school or district navigate the process of implementing a BYOD model. ClassLink, Inc. has been involved in instructional technology since 1998 and we consider ourselves experts in meeting the unique needs of educators. Download today and say yes to BYOD.

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Policy Resources

ClassLink’s knowledge of BYOD stems in part from the hard work and success of other organizations’ technology implementations. Listed below are helpful resources to reference as your school or district implements a BYOD model.

Please note:
Below are actual examples from existing schools. These are great to reference however ClassLink, Inc. is not responsible for the content on 3rd party resources.