EdTech Top 40: Familiar Tools Remain the Most Popular in Schools

June 26, 2023
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Teachers and students are engaging with fewer edtech tools but the diversity of options is forcing CIOs and other educators to manage even more applications than last year, according to the latest EdTech Top 40 list from LearnPlatform by Instructure. Still, many familiar products—including Google Classroom, i-Ready and YouTube—continue to dominate the rankings that identify the most-used edtech products.

Overall, the EdTech Top 40 report finds a slight spike of 1.7% more unique digital tools accessed by students and teachers.

“Organizations are now expected to proactively provide an ecosystem of interoperable, safe and equitable solutions for students and teachers to personalize learning,” said Karl Rectanus, senior vice president of K-12 strategy at Instructure. “Based on these trends, evidence-based edtech and platforms will likely drive purchasing, decision-making, and effective teaching and learning.”

School districts used an average of 2,591 distinct edtech tools last year, and about 1,379 tools each month. This means that districts are not using the same set of programs throughout the school year but are regularly trying out new tools. Students accessed an average of 42 tools each during the last school year, which is 10 less than in 2021-22.

The same programs have dominated the EdTech Top 40 over the last several years. New to the list this year are GoGuardian, Securly and Study.com, two of which are data security tools. Learner-focused programs aimed at increasing student engagement and enhancing the learning experience remain highly popular. Nearly 60% of the EdTech Top 40 tools were learner-focused.

Here is the EdTech Top 40 (in alphabetical order):

  1. ABCya!
  2. Blooket (No. 1 classroom response and assessment tool)
  3. BrainPop
  4. Canva
  5. Canvas LMS
  6. ClassLink
  7. Clever
  8. Code.Org
  9. CoolMathGames
  10. Desmos
  11. EdPuzzle
  12. Encyclopedia
  13. Epic!
  14. Gimkit
  15. GoGuardian
  16. Google Classroom (No. 1 learning management system)
  17. Google Workspace
  18. History.com
  19. i-Ready (No. 1 courseware platform)
  20. IXL Learning
  21. Kahoot!
  22. Kami
  23. Khan Academy
  24. Math Playground
  25. MIT App Inventor
  26. Nearpod (No. 1 supplemental platform)
  27. NYTimes.com
  28. PearDeck
  29. PhET Interactive
  30. Prodigy
  31. Quizizz
  32. Quizlet (No. 1 study tool)
  33. Scholastic
  34. Schoology
  35. Securly
  36. Study.com
  37. Weebly
  38. Wikipedia
  39. Youtube (No. 1 website or resource)
  40. Zoom

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