ClassLink Earns Project Unicorn’s Highest Level of Interoperability Certification

October 17, 2023
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Clifton, NJ - October 17, 2023 - InnovateEDU's Project Unicorn announced last week that ClassLink was among seven technology products to earn their Tier 4 Interoperability Certification–the highest rating available.

Data interoperability – the seamless, secure, and controlled exchange of usable data between applications – is vital to educators' ability to inform instruction better and drive student-centered learning experiences. By rating a product using the interoperability rubric, Project Unicorn's certification provides transparency to educators about where an edtech product is in its interoperability journey, allowing school districts and educators to recognize vendors committed to supporting data-driven instruction.

"The Project Unicorn Vendor Certification helps school system leaders identify edtech products designed to be seamlessly integrated into their larger edtech ecosystem."

Chloe Sanducci
Project Director, Project Unicorn

ClassLink submitted its complete product suite for evaluation and was subject to the updated Project Unicorn Interoperability Rubric released in March 2023. The rubric covers several dimensions of interoperability, including data quality, data granularity, a product's data import and export features, and a product's cost and cost transparency.

Vendor submissions are scored on a four-point scale, with a level 1 score indicating that a product is at the initial stage of its data interoperability journey. In contrast, a level 4 score indicates that a product provides optimal interoperability to its users. ClassLink earned a level 4 certification for its commitment to interoperability. As a recipient of this certification, ClassLink joins a growing community of dozens of edtech vendors who have completed the certification process.

"Interoperability is the bridge that connects innovation and collaboration, ensuring that diverse systems and solutions can seamlessly work together. ClassLink is proud to partner with Project Unicorn, and obtaining the certification is our commitment to fostering this crucial harmony in education technology—empowering schools and educators to achieve their full potential."

Patrick Devanney
Senior VP of Strategy and Partnerships, ClassLink

About ClassLink

ClassLink is a global education provider of identity and analytics products that create more time for learning and help schools better understand digital engagement. As leading advocates for open data standards, we offer instant access to apps and files with single sign-on, streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. ClassLink empowers 21 million students and staff in over 2,800 school systems. Visit to learn more.

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Project Unicorn

Project Unicorn is a national initiative coordinated by InnovateEDU and powered by a coalition of 17 organizations representing stakeholders across the education sector focused on the goal of optimizing and radically improving data interoperability within K–12 education.

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