ClassLink Earns Academics’ Choice Seal of Educational Quality

November 29, 2017
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ClassLink Recognized by Academics’ Choice

Clifton, NJ (November 29, 2017) — ClassLink, the leading provider of Single Sign-On for education, has been honored with the Academics’ Choice Award for Smart Media, a prestigious seal of educational quality, reserved only for the best mind-building media and toys. The independent Academics’ Choice Awards program and its seal of excellence are recognized worldwide by consumers and educational institutions as a mark of genuinely effective learning tools that stimulate the mind, and provide the potential for the student to fully develop higher order thinking skills.

ClassLink is a winner of the Academics’ Choice Award in the software category. The Academics’ Choice Advisory Board consists of leading thinkers and graduates from Princeton, Harvard, George Washington University, and other reputable educational institutions. Product-appropriate volunteer reviewers, combined with the brainpower of the Board, determine the coveted winners. Entries are judged by category (i.e. software, mobile app, toy, book, website, magazine, etc.), subject area, and grade level, and evaluated based on standardized criteria rooted in constructivist learning theory.

As stated by an Academics’ Choice panelist, “ClassLink helps teachers and students jump into learning by removing the time-wasting, tedious login process to programs and files from various devices. No more calling the IT guy. ClassLink solves a simple but very real problem of getting students quickly up and running in today’s bring your own device (BYOD) classrooms. The software allows for single sign-on to all your classroom apps, files on your school network, manages class rostering, and who can access what. Plus, it’s all in the cloud so you can access the portal from anywhere, anytime.”

Berj Akian, ClassLink CEO, reacted to the selection, “Being recognized by the Academics’ Choice Award is an honor, Akian continued, “We’re passionate about helping students and teachers access their online resources with one-click from any device. It may sound like something easy to overlook, but when you turn it on, it can transform classrooms that rely on online resources. Warm thanks to Academics’ Choice for recognizing the creativity and dedication of our ClassLink team.”

About ClassLink

With more than 6,000 single sign-on connectors and comprehensive use of open technology standards, ClassLink is the most inclusive single sign-on platform in education today. The award-winning technology is accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone, making ClassLink the ideal solution for 1 to 1 and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. ClassLink Roster Server easily and securely delivers class rosters to any publisher using open technology standards. ClassLink Analytics gives decision makers the usage data they need. ClassLink OneSync automates account provisioning and reconciles accounts in real time.


Academics’ Choice™

Academics’ Choice™ helps consumers find exceptional brain-boosting material. Academics’ Choice is the only international awards program designed to bring increased recognition to publishers, manufacturers, independent authors and developers that aim to stimulate cognitive development. A volunteer panel of product-appropriate judges, including parents, educators, scientists, artists, doctors, nurses, librarians, students, and children, evaluate submissions based on educational benefits such as higher-order thinking skills, character building, creative play, durability, and originality. Only the genuine “mind-builders” are recognized with the coveted Academics’ Choice Award™.

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