ClassLink Announces DataGuard and Advanced IAM Tools at CLON 2023

March 2, 2023
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Clifton, NJ - March 2, 2023 - ClassLink announces DataGuard and significant updates to their Identity and Access Management (IAM) suite.

The safety and privacy of student data remains a top priority for ClassLink with the announcement of DataGuard. DataGuard protects personally identifiable information (PII) when sharing data with edtech vendors via ClassLink Roster Server. Additionally, ClassLink continues to advance IAM in education with several new tools and enhanced functionality.

ClassLink announced these new developments at CLON 2023, their annual conference.

New Product


DataGuard protects you from data theft. Instead of giving vendor partners all your students and teachers personally identifiable information (PII), give them only what’s absolutely essential and mask all key fields. DataGuard dynamically replaces the fields you select with meaningless letter scrambles. With ClassLink DataGuard, the entire school community is better protected because schools avoid sending PII data out of the school organization.

Available April 2023

Advanced IAM Functionality

OAuth2 Restrictions

System administrators can use a new configuration called "OAuth2 Strict mode" to prevent students from using ClassLink to automatically log in to apps not approved or enabled by instructional leaders.

Available Now!

Account Claiming

Accelerate onboarding and reduce the burden on tech support with Account Claiming. New students, teachers, and staff can easily claim their AD account without the need for IT staff to distribute passwords manually.

Available Summer 2023

Delegated Permissions & Impersonation

Supercharge your helpdesk with the ability to impersonate users and troubleshoot their issues when logged in to ClassLink. This new functionality helps ClassLink Admins provide better support and improves resolution times for students and teachers.

Available Summer 2023

Sign In Using ClassLink on Windows 10 and 11

Students and teachers can now use ClassLink, including MFA and QuickCards, to sign in to Windows 10 and 11 devices.

Available Summer 2023

Acceptable Use Policies

ClassLink Admins can now create and assign AUP documents with rich text formatting to profiles, groups, or individuals. In addition, admins can require acceptance of an AUP before a login and view reports to track acknowledgments and ensure compliance.

Available Fall 2023

“ClassLink is committed to providing education leaders with innovative tools that improve access, strengthen cybersecurity, and support data privacy initiatives. These announcements are part of our ongoing effort to provide the most advanced Identity and Access Management solution available for education."

Stanley Watts
Chief Technology Officer, ClassLink

And More!

ClassLink Academy Professional Certification

Take your ClassLink knowledge to the next level with the new ClassLink Professional Certification. ClassLink Academy will offer exams for Roster Server and CMC (ClassLink Management Console), with more to come. Pass these exams to gain a professional certification and a credentialed badge to demonstrate your knowledge to potential employers and colleagues.

Certifications for Roster Server and CMC Available June 2023

EdTech Deal Board

Save big with exclusive discounts for ClassLink customers! As a ClassLink Admin, you can easily access the Deal Board directly from your LaunchPad account, where you'll find special offers and savings from our trusted vendor partners.

Available March 2023

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