CARES Act Funds to Cover Cost of ClassLink Contract

July 6, 2020
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Johnston County Public Schools will use funds from the CARES Act to pay for a ClassLink contract for the next two years.

ClassLink provides a single click sign-on solution that gives students access to all Johnston County Public Schools online learning resources and applications. It also eliminates the problem of too many passwords.

The single sign-on process is critical as remote learning becomes increasingly important in the post-COVID educational landscape, school officials said.  The contract will cost $101,140 for two years.

The cost will be paid through the CARES Act appropriations to the school system.

About ClassLink

ClassLink is a leading provider of cloud-based education products that connect educators and students with their classroom, curriculum, and each other in richer, more powerful ways. As leading advocates for open data standards, we offer instant access to apps and files with single sign-on, streamline class rostering, automate account provisioning, and provide actionable analytics. ClassLink empowers 16 million students and staff in over 2,000 school systems.

About ClassLink


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