Edtech Leaders Join ClassLink & Savvas in Tackling Back-to-School Challenges

April 30, 2024
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Clifton, NJ - April 30, 2024 - Every year, technology leaders face a mountain of challenges in setting up accounts and systems in time for students to return to school. To help, on April 25, ClassLink and Savvas brought together school and vendor leaders at the 2024 BTS Summit to reimagine how to solve these problems and create a better back-to-school experience.

Here are the highlights from the 2024 BTS Summit!

BTS Challenges

Preparing for the next school year does not just happen during the busy summer months known as "Back-to-School"— it's a year-round effort. This year, summit attendees tackled the following BTS challenges together.

  • Procurement: Procuring the necessary hardware, software, and services while navigating budget constraints, vendor negotiations, and complying with organizational law and policy.
  • App Vetting and Management: Vetting and managing new apps to ensure compatibility, security, and compliance with organizational policies.
  • Digital Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect systems and sensitive data.
  • Timing and Communication: Coordinating technology updates, projects, and maintenance during the summer requires effective communication to minimize disruptions to operations and ensure all stakeholders are informed and prepared for changes impacting the new school year.

Help Us Build a Better BTS!

After each BTS Summit, follow-up committees called Leadership Workgroups are formed to continue the BTS conversation and address back-to-school challenges throughout the year by creating solution assets based on the ideas generated during the Summit.

Join a Leadership Workgroup from now until June 30, 2024 to work through one of the above BTS challenges with fellow education thought leaders and vendor partners.

Email our team at bts.summit@classlink.com to join a Leadership Workgroup today!

BTS Resource Toolkit

Learn what our Leadership Workgroups have accomplished since last year’s BTS Summit in the BTS Resource Toolkit, 1st Edition. Keep an eye out for the 2nd edition coming this fall!

Special Thanks to Our Moderators and Leadership Workgroup Chairs

It takes partnerships to make back-to-school a success; that's why we're thankful for the support and participation of our BTS Summit moderators and Leadership Workgroup Chairs. Sincere thanks to the Moderators and Leadership Workgroup Chairs below!

  • Moderators
    • Angela Green, Klein ISD
    • Anika Davis, Ed.D., QoreInsights
    • Chris Brown, Aeries
    • Chris Rule, Sublette County School District #1
    • Curtis Frazier, East Orange School District
    • Jason Collette, Savvas
    • Dr. Jennifer Williams, Newton County School District
    • Julia Sweeney, Edcite
  • Leadership Workgroup Chairs
    • Ann McMullan, Education Consultant 
    • Diane Doersch, Digital Promise
    • Donna Williamson, Technology Thought Leader
    • Frankie Jackson, Ph.D., Texas K-12 CTO Council 
    • Gene Silverman, Former Executive Director Regional Schools Nassau BOCES
    • June Atkinson, Former State Superintendent of NC Public Schools 
    • Marlo Gaddis, Former CTO Wake County Public Schools 
    • Pete Just, Indiana CTO Council 
    • Sheryl Abshire, Ph.D., Former CTO Calcasieu Parish Public Schools 
    • Tina Barrios, Ph.D., Former Asst. Superintendent Polk County School Board

Learn more about the BTS Summit and explore back-to-school resources at classlink.com/bts-summit.

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