ClassLink Announces 24/7 Support, Advanced MFA, and Improved Rostering

February 24, 2022
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Clifton, NJ - February 24, 2022 - ClassLink made four major announcements today around customer support, advanced security, streamlined rostering, and a new certification. The announcements took place during ClassLink’s annual conference, CLON 2022.

Here’s what’s new:

24/7 ClassLink Customer Support

ClassLink’s new customer support model guarantees schools access to fast, reliable help any time of day–even during those late-night, back-to-school rostering sessions!

“I am very excited to announce the launch of live 24/7 support for all ClassLink customers and users. No matter how late you or your students are working or what time zone you're in, you will now be able to contact ClassLink for live support. We’ve been honing our 24/7 support processes over the past few months, and we are very happy to be able to provide this new level of service to all ClassLink users.”

Andy Newman
VP of Client Services, ClassLink

Stronger Data Security for Schools

ClassLink Verify, a new multi-factor authenticator app from ClassLink, will strengthen the security of educators and administrators who have accounts with enhanced access to PII and student data.

ClassLink Verify works with any application, adding an extra layer of data security by generating verification codes to use in addition to your passwords. (As a bonus, ClassLink Verify works with any application using TOTP, HOTP, or 2FA—not just ClassLink.) Download the app through Apple’s App Store.

“As schools face increasing data security challenges, the ClassLink Verify app is part of our continuous efforts to help protect their sensitive data. We take security seriously and are constantly working to implement better security features and measures. With this new tool, schools can add an additional layer of data protection.”

Stanley Watts
Chief Technology Officer, ClassLink

Faster, More Streamlined Rostering

Roster Server's improved user interface makes rostering faster and more intuitive for school technology leaders. This new interface matches the natural workflow of the rostering process, putting all the right tools in one place. These changes will make it easier to import and export data, as well as troubleshoot and resolve data and access issues with vendors.

Digital Promise Certification

ClassLink Analytics products earned the Research-Based Learning Analytics Product Certification from Digital Promise. The Product Certification serves as a rigorous, reliable signal for district and school administrators, educators, and families looking for evidence of education technology that was designed according to high-quality, peer-reviewed research about decision making.

Learn more at ClassLink 101, a 30-minute webinar designed to introduce education leaders to access, analytics, and identity management.

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