Branding Guidelines

How to refer to us.


Before using our logos, make sure you have our expressed permission to do so.

ClassLink Logo



ClassLink-Cloud-Blue-Horiz-with Tag

ClassLink-Cloud-White-Horiz-with Tag


Color Specifications

  • Hex: #35ABCD
  • RGB: 53, 171, 205
  • CMYK: 74, 17, 0, 20
  • Pantone:
    • Pantone Pastels Neons Coated 915 C
    • Pantone Solid Coated 2199 C
    • Pantone Solid Uncoated 2199 U

Login Buttons

Help your students and staff access ClassLink instantly.

Create a link from your district homepage using one of the buttons below.




ClassLinkLoginSquareText.png  ClassLinkLoginSquare


ClassLinkLoginHoriz-SM ClassLinkLoginSquareText.png-SM ClassLinkLoginSquare-SM

Link To Us

We encourage you to link to our website. Please use the following code to link back to

<a href="" title="ClassLink - Bringing Your Own Device and Technology in Classrooms">ClassLink</a>

Displaying Our Trademark

The correct way to write our name is ClassLink, with no spaces and capitalized C and L. Do not write our name as classlink, Class Link, or Classlink. Do not write our name as ClassLink, Inc. Additionally, these product-specific terms should be written as followed:

  • ClassLink MyFiles
  • ClassLink MyApps
  • ClassLink MyClasses