ClassLink + LMS

Schools need more than a LMS to serve as the hub for all the different applications they use, especially the multitude of non-instructional systems. Successful schools use ClassLink to bring together these systems, providing personalized single sign-on experiences for students, teachers, administrators, and parents.

At the same time, technology leaders rely on ClassLink’s software to securely automate the transmission of user lists between applications, making sure online resources are always instantly ready to use.

Using ClassLink alongside a LMS helps students learn from anywhere and keeps your entire school system running smoothly.

Why ClassLink?


ClassLink empowers 14 million students and staff with instant access to a library of 6,000+ single sign-on apps from in the classroom or at home.


ClassLink Analytics provides essential usage data, so instructors can measure engagement and leaders can make informed purchasing and training decisions.

Identity Management

ClassLink Roster Server and OneSync use automation and open standards to make rostering and provisioning easier, more secure, and less time-consuming.

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