Strengthen Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity continues to be a priority for school systems, especially with the potential for additional blended and remote learning. That’s why, in addition to our security protocols and privacy policy, ClassLink provides secure authentication methods, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), to keep student data safe.

School systems can choose which authentication method(s) they want to use to provision staff, teachers, and students into ClassLink LaunchPad. Your choices include these common authentication methods, among others:

Active Directory

Google Directory Services

Azure Domain

Implement Multi-Factor

ClassLink supports multi-factor authentication for users based on their ClassLink profile. Once you’ve chosen your authentication method, you can choose from several second-factor options, including:

Mobile Authenticator

Students and staff can install an app on their mobile devices, such as Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy, or LastPass, and connect their ClassLink account to the app by scanning a QR code. Then, each time someone logs in to ClassLink, they will be asked for their second-factor authentication through the mobile authenticator app.

Mobile Authenticator graphic
Mobile SMS graphic

Mobile SMS

Members of your school system can also add their mobile phone numbers into their ClassLink security settings. Each time they log in to ClassLink, they will receive an SMS text message with their second-factor validation code.

Security Keys

School systems can also purchase physical devices, such as a YubiKey. Once the device is registered in ClassLink’s security settings, students and staff can insert the device into the appropriate USB port during authentication.

Yubikey graphic

Make Access Easy

Typing in a username and password or code may not work for all your students and staff, so in addition to multiple authentication methods, ClassLink offers three easy login options: QuickCard, Faces, and Remote Login. Watch the videos below to learn what’s available for some of your younger students or those with disabilities.

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