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Learning Is a Journey

Embark on a virtual learning journey at CLON 2024! Join some of the brightest leaders in edtech and discover how schools use ClassLink to provide outstanding learning opportunities. With a focus on Identity & Access Management (IAM), cybersecurity, and learning analytics, you'll learn how schools navigate the most demanding challenges in education.

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The Agenda

Your Journey Begins Now

Join us for two days of inspiring speakers, information-packed sessions, and exciting training opportunities. From AI to cybersecurity, our curated agenda is filled with sessions on trending topics from leaders like you! With multiple tracks to choose from, our agenda is just the beginning of your learning journey—plan your path today.


Welcome & Keynote

Welcome to Day 1 of CLON! Kicking things off is acclaimed author, speaker, and comedian Patti Dobrowolski, who will share her expertise on making ambitious goals a reality. We're thrilled you'll be joining us for what will be an exceptional event.


From Ugh to Ahh: Welcome to Audit Center

Say goodbye to evaluation headaches with ClassLink Audit Center! Join ClassLinkers Barbara and Maria as they share how you can organize files, efficiently track feedback, and quickly compile everything needed for evaluators in one central place. Learn how ClassLink Audit Center helps you complete your big, strategic projects from creation to evaluation.


Tackling the Mountain: Provisioning Staff Accounts

Take provisioning staff accounts from daunting to done! In this session, ClassLink OneSync experts will walk you through easy steps to plan and implement a successful OneSync setup to provision staff accounts.


Tailored Insights: Empowering Stakeholders With Customized ClassLink Analytics Access

Using real-world examples, Learning Analytics Trainers Dale and Tracy will explore the process of granting select users access to ClassLink Analytics—giving them valuable insights into app usage, login trends, and user engagement. Join this session to learn how you can empower teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders to make informed decisions that enhance the teaching and learning experience.


Breaking Boundaries: Cultivating an AI Department in Your District

Join your favorite hosts, Jerri and Jamie, to explore special guest Greg Bagby's journey of integrating AI into education with one of the first AI Departments in a school district. As Director of Instructional Technology for Hamilton County Schools in Tennessee, Greg shares the challenges and rewards of integrating AI into the district's educational framework. Tune in to discover why AI aligns with modern learning needs and how it's reshaping education. You'll also gain practical knowledge and a roadmap for integrating AI, empowering educators, and districts to innovate education for the future.


Spice Up Your Roster Server

Are you looking to become a Roster Server superstar? Join our session and discover how to add Ginger and spice to your Roster Server experience through Baby steps. Whether you need to access your import settings, revert to a previous import, or manage your blackout dates, we have you covered with easy-to-follow, not-so-scary instructions. You can even be Posh and use Generic Apps to take your CMC app assignments to the next level. So, what are you waiting for? Take your Roster Server skills to the next level as fast as Sporty Spice runs around the block! P.S. You get bonus points if you catch all our Spice Girls puns!


The Joy Blueprint: Optimizing ClassLink SSO for Inspired Learning

Who knew logging in could be so much fun? Join ClassLinkers Elizabeth and Anu as they share their favorite strategies ClassLink Admins can use to infuse SSO Joy across your school system. Get your smiles ready!


When Data Comes to Life: Transforming Insights Into Action

Are you harnessing the full potential of your data? In today's data-rich landscape, having access to valuable insights is just the beginning! Join Chantell Manahan and Pete Just as they share effective strategies for analyzing data, mastering key performance indicators, and translating insights into informed decisions that support your organization's goals.


Getting Ahead: Best Practices for AUP and Account Claiming

Not sure where to start with account creation? Join ClassLinkers Cindy and Christine as they walk through two of ClassLink's advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM) features designed to support AUP compliance, faster onboarding, and safe account creation.


What's New in OneSync

Join ClassLinker Paul Ritter as he walks you through the newest features and updates in OneSync! Plus, get an exclusive peek at upcoming features in our preview build.


Protect Your Data: DataGuard

Discover the future of data protection! ClassLink DataGuard revolutionizes how schools and vendors secure and share PII—scrambling sensitive information to reduce risks for everyone involved. Join ClassLink CTO Stan Watts and VP of Product Barbara Nesbit to learn how DataGuard shields your school against cyber threats during data sharing, ensuring robust security without compromising convenience.


Providing Transparency With ClassLink's Public Portal

With legislative updates requiring schools to be more transparent about the digital resources provided to learners comes the challenge of finding the best way to provide that information to the public. That's where ClassLink's Public Portal comes in! Join this session to learn how to set up your own Public Portal and start sharing useful information, such as privacy policies and terms of service, providing transparency into your institution's digital apps and resources.


Tailor-Made: Customizing App Icons in LaunchPad

Can't find the right icon when creating your app in LaunchPad? Join Brian Bartel (Technology Coach, Appleton Area SD) in this session and learn how to make custom icons for your district apps easily. After this session, you'll be able to create icons that look professional and are, most importantly, easy to find.


Don’t Sweat It! Tips for Troubleshooting OneSync

Need help with OneSync? We've got you covered! Join ClassLinkers Dhara and Marcus as they share their favorite tips and tricks for troubleshooting common problems in OneSync.


MetaMania! Navigating Metadata in Roster Server

What is metadata? How does it work? Need additional data not found in the API?  Need data for building Roster Server rules, assigning applications, or reporting?  If you're asking these questions, this is the session for you! Join ClassLinkers Kate and Karen as they walk through the wonderful world of metadata in Roster Server and how you can make it work for you!


Success Stories: Systematically Improving Cybersecurity Practice in Education

Join moderator Frankie Jackson and our panel of Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluators (CCREs) as they showcase how school districts are leveraging the new Cybersecurity Rubric (CR) to enhance their practices. Discover how these experts use the CR to bring clarity and structure, simplifying complex evaluations. Plus, gain insights to navigate complexity with confidence and fortify your institution's cybersecurity! By the end of this panel, you'll learn how clear criteria and strategic planning drive improvement, leading to better leadership, processes, culture, and overall performance.


Welcome to Day 2 of CLON!

Welcome to CLON, Day 2! Patti Dobrowolski returns with wisdom and wit. Stay tuned for product announcements and the CLON Awards ceremony—let's seize the day with purpose!


Better Together! ClassLink Analytics and Analytics+ Unite

What's better than ClassLink Analytics and Analytics+? A unified learning analytics experience! Join this session to learn about the new, unified ClassLink Analytics platform. You'll gain an overview of the navigation and reports available on the new platform. Plus, you can also provide feedback on ClassLink Analytics directly to the product management team.


Textual Alchemy: Turning Raw Data Into Gold

Join ClassLinkers Danielle and Marcus to discover the full potential of data reshaping! From using school names to build an OU path and converting names into abbreviations to calculating graduation years from grade levels, we've got you covered. Learn how text transformations can be used to create custom data, generate formulas, and more! This session will empower you to get more from your raw data—plus, you'll leave with expert tips and tricks for your OneSync toolbelt.


What's New in the CMC

Want more from the CMC? You're in luck! Join ClassLinkers Lindsay and Jacki as they share the latest updates on what's new in CMC.  From Delegated Permissions and AUP to Security Center and more, you won't want to miss this session!


Level Up Your LaunchPad: Managing App Assignments With Roster Server Rules

Do your users get frustrated with too many app icons cluttering up their LaunchPad? Do you see apps you know you don't even have access to? Join this session and discover how to harness the magic of Roster Server Rules! With Roster Server Rules you'll tidy up your LaunchPad in a flash (just in time for spring cleaning).


Making the Move to OneSync

Ready to get started with OneSync? Not sure where to begin? Join ClassLink-pro Phillip as he shares best practices, tips, and items to consider when making the move to OneSync.


Welcome to Security Center!

Step into the future of streamlined security management with ClassLink Security Center! Join Stan Watts (CTO) and Jeff Janover (VP of Security and Interoperability) as they share how Security Center empowers users to identify compromised accounts, act, and seamlessly track completion, all within a single, intuitive interface. Learn how ClassLink's newest product ensures a proactive approach to safeguarding your digital ecosystem.


A Recipe for Success: LaunchPad Tips and Tricks

Join this session and discover quick tips for success within LaunchPad! ClassLink pros Michael and Kris will review admin best practices to keep end users up-to-date, clutter-free, and able to access their resources easily. Plus, as a bonus, we'll also review beta admin modules!


Ch-Ch-Changes! Using OneSync to Make Directory Updates

Making large changes in your district directory may seem daunting, but we're here to help! Join ClassLink pros Phillip and Gary as they show you how to leverage OneSync to automate directory updates, making changes a breeze.


Cybersecurity Features and Best Practices

School leaders aren't the only ones thinking about cybersecurity! At ClassLink, security is our top priority, and how we protect schools is always evolving. Join this session to learn what ClassLink is doing to keep your school safe and how we can support the cybersecurity initiatives in your district.


If You Give an App to ClassLink...

Join the ClassLink Partners Team in this session as they cover the basics of adding an application to ClassLink and discuss the difference between certified and non-certified applications. Plus, they'll share some special updates you won’t want to miss!


We’re In This Together: Driving Decision-Making With ClassLink Analytics

In many schools, resource procurement involves thorough assessment by critical stakeholders, who consider effectiveness, tech needs, and cost before deciding to buy. But the scrutiny often ends post-purchase—that's where ClassLink Analytics enters the conversation. Join Rachel Holloway, Director of Technology at Fort Mill SD in South Carolina, as she shares her experience using Analytics to evaluate resources post-purchase to decide what resources stay or go. Learn how she's fostered a culture of data-driven discussions and decisions that impact students' learning outcomes in her district and how you can, too!


What's New in Roster Server

Want more from Roster Server? You're in luck! Join ClassLinkers Rodney and Jacki as they share the latest updates from Roster Server.


Demystifying the Process of Measuring Cybersecurity Effectiveness in Your District

Take a deep dive into the cybersecurity rubric designed to measure cybersecurity effectiveness in school systems by gauging cybersecurity practice maturity levels against the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. Learn how to conduct a self-assessment and use the results to develop a strategy to improve. This session will provide school leaders immediate support by taking the first step toward a more secure school environment. Your journey to a more cyber-secure school system begins here!


From Wishlist to Wow: Allowing Teacher Voice and Choice

Does this sound familiar? You've pushed out core resources to your district's LaunchPad, but teachers are asking for more! More apps, customization, and freedom to curate student resources—you name it. Join this session to learn what to consider when responding to teacher requests and how leveraging ClassLink's App Libraries and My Classes can help you meet them.


Navigating the Learning Landscape With My Classes

In today's fast-changing educational environment, teachers and students always look for ways to improve their learning experiences and make their time more efficient. In this session, you'll be introduced to My Classes, a powerful feature of ClassLink that offers a centralized platform for accessing and using a wide range of digital learning applications. You'll learn how to integrate your favorite apps, including those chosen by district leaders, into your lesson plans, projects, and class periods—increasing efficiency and providing valuable insights for decision-makers.


Tips and Tricks With Rule-Based Permissions

Are you ready to dive into Rule-Based Permissions in Roster Server? Join ClassLinkers Matt and Kris as they share insider tips and best practices for making the most of Rule-Based Permissions. By the end of this session, you'll confidently navigate Rule-Based Permissions, simplifying app rostering and transforming your workflow into a seamless experience!


Close Out CLON ‘24 With Awards & Celebration!

Get ready to celebrate! Join us in concluding two phenomenal days at CLON. We'll applaud our award winners as we recognize their outstanding efforts and the remarkable contributions they've made to their schools.

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The Speakers

Meet the Team

Hear from big thinkers and in-the-field education leaders ready to share their ideas and guide you on your learning journey! You’ll also hear from your favorite ClassLink superstars like Berj Akian, Stan Watts, Jerri Kemble, and many others.

Keynote Speaker

Patti Dobrowolski

CEO/Founder, Up Your Creative Genius

Illustrator, author, and four-time TEDx speaker Patti Dobrowolski uses drawings to (literally) bring ideas to life. Patti’s innovative process of visual goal-setting inspires people to accelerate the change in their own life and make their visions a reality.

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