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Join districts and experts from across the country at the ClassLink Learning Analytics Summit (CLAS) and learn to translate data into easy-to-understand narratives about the status of equity, instruction, professional development and more in your schools.

Create a Data-Driven Culture

Through practical and interactive sessions with analytics experts, education leaders, and ClassLink senior leadership, you’ll learn to analyze data across your schools, make evidence-based decisions, and apply best practices for data security.

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The CLAS Agenda


Welcome & Keynote With Andrea Jones-Rooy: Telling Compelling Stories With Data

Everyone has a role to play in data science, but how do you put data into action? Learn how to create stories that drive real change using data. You’ll leave this talk with tangible ideas for how to make your next presentation, report, or conversation about data more compelling.


AHA! The Spark of Data Entanglement

When leaders develop a plan for progress, they are consistently met with a host of reactive feelings and behaviors. Yet, planning for those reactions to build motivation and ensure success is often limited. In this session, leaders will learn to spark curiosity through an investigative lens that sticks. Participants will learn to build 'initiative momentum' through an entanglement with relevant data that provides a sense of meaning and purpose.


Data-Informed Decision-Making: Where We Are and Our Roadmap for the Next Five Years

In the School District of Pickens County (SDPC), instructional and technology services collaborate to gather data to inform decision-making while supporting school leaders and teachers. Join us as we explore the ways we use ClassLink Analytics and Analytics+ in addition to our own custom dashboards and web application data. We’ll share our pain points around data collection and interpretation and our future plans to use data for MTSS.


New Security Insight Reports From ClassLink

ClassLink is introducing a modern security reporting console to help you diagnose your user’s security options and enforce security policies. This session will give you a look inside the upcoming security module designed to assist you in your security needs. Join to learn more on how this upcoming tool works and what the future holds for it.


A Cautionary Tale: Looking Critically at Data Analysis

Research and data help drive decisions across industries, including education, making it a powerful tool. However, data does not always give the full picture and may paint a misleading picture. This session will highlight the need to critically examine data and research designs. Using a study on children’s learning and music, participants will see how easily data can be misinterpreted. Join this session to learn the importance of self-reflection in research, understanding the participating population, clearly defining variables, and knowing what is (or is not) being assessed and measured.


Curriculum Teams Get on the Bus—ClassLink Analytics Provides Usage Data You Can Trust!

Join this session to learn the frameworks for data and usage discussions such as PD, purchasing decisions, ROI, the benefits of using and accessing tools via ClassLink, and how to bridge the gap between curriculum and technology teams.


Data: Not Just for Reports

In this session we'll learn how organizations are doing more than reporting with data—like using timely information to drive individualized interventions and maximizing their connections with participants. Looking at real examples of how districts are using Grouptrail to add additional dimensions to their programming, we'll see how, starting with rostering, you can create new tools that allow staff to connect with targeted groups of students and hold educators accountable even when rolling out tools to 58,000 students.


Differentiating Made Easy: How to Empower Students With Data

Learn how to differentiate instruction by creating individual goals for students with their data. In this session, you’ll discover how to design instructional activities to be intentional and purposeful with time spent on instructional objectives for each student.


Improving Student Outcomes With Data

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) provide two critical tools to support the use of data to drive improvement in student outcomes. Join this session to learn how and why APS created APS Insights and APS Graphs to provide real-time insight into school and student profiles. Discover how you can use data to inform how best to serve students and improve student outcomes.


Use Analytics To Drive Sustainable Funding Plans

School districts may be receiving a lot of funding relief for their technology programs now, but what happens when the extra funding runs out? Attend this session with former Chief Technology and Information Officers to learn what you should be doing now to prevent your school district from making purchases that they will not be able to sustain in the future. What technology initiatives from the past should you sunset? What systems of support should you be building? How can you use ClassLink Analytics to guide your decision-making process? Come and join the conversation.


5 Ways To Enhance Data Security

How safe is your data? From Multi-Factor Authentication to OneSync, join ClassLink’s security expert Jeff Janover on how ClassLink can strengthen your district’s plan for a secure and sustainable future.


Simplify ROI Reporting and Track Product Usage

School districts use a magnitude of instructional technology products to get their jobs done. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to track return on investment (ROI) and district goals for product usage? Voila—ClassLink has a way! Join this session to learn how to track product expenditures, set instructional goals within each product, and export this data for your next conversation with your Superintendent and School Board!


Using Data To Serve Your Organization, Not Your Agenda

Each year, school districts implement thousands of digital resources without a clear consensus on their purpose or an implementation strategy. While more digital resources may seem valuable for students and teachers alike, too many under-utilized or misused resources ultimately cost districts time, money, and student learning opportunities. Join this session to learn how your organization can make better decisions around digital resources using intentional and collaborative processes.


Utilizing ClassLink Data To Make Impactful Decisions With Teachers

According to recent survey and research data, the number of educators reporting that most of their learning materials are digital has almost doubled since 2020, growing from 34% to 64% this year. In this session, Farheen Mohammad from Digital Promise breaks down this data and what it means for the relationships between teachers and curriculum departments. Learn how curriculum teams and teachers can work together using data-informed decisions to improve learning and support students—all through ClassLink.


Welcome & Keynote: Separating Signal From Noise—Thinking of Data Stories Differently

In this special presentation designed for CLAS 2022, Dr. Dean Browell (Co-Founder and Chief Behavioral Officer, Feedback) invites us to challenge our preconceptions of data and its power. In this session you’ll learn how to approach data empathically and frame problems—and solutions—with more thoughtfulness and less “status quo.” Leave with a new perspective that empowers decision making and lets data tell the real story.


K–12’s Five Alarm Fire: Cybersecurity and Building Trusted Learning Environments in School Systems

Cybersecurity is a top priority for EdTech Leaders and awareness is the primary strategy used for combating threats. Even though progress is being made, leaders still risk underestimating threats to their systems as leadership, governance, and business practices often get pushed to the back burner. Learn how to light a fire and sound an alarm to make cybersecurity a top priority! This session will showcase crucial cybersecurity requirements for K-12, provide tools and areas of focus for developing trusted learning environments, and share guidance for improving cybersecurity compliance programs.


The Science of Writing for Busy People

Everyone is busy! That’s why we skim emails, texts, forms, documents, and nearly everything else. In this session, Professor Todd Rogers (Harvard) shares the practical cognitive science behind communication and the six actionable principles it generates. Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your messages and make your communication kinder and more equitable by keeping the time and attention of readers as its focus.


Analytics: The Hidden Gem - Fort Mill’s Journey To Increase Usage and Communication

Are you a ClassLink Admin? Do you use Analytics to share data with your district? If the answer is no, this is the session for you—it’s quick, it’s concise and it’s led by one of your own! Join Rachel Holloway, Technology Integration Coordinator and ClassLink Admin from Fort Mill Schools Four (SC) and Jessica Kolibas from ClassLink as they share best practices to engage other departments in your district in the ClassLink experience. Learn about quick reports, how to include other teams and departments, and more.


Explore the Benefits and Features of Providing Analytics Access to Additional Users in Your Organization

Learn how to add additional users to the Analytics application and customize permissions to tailor the rich analytics in your dashboard, including the ability to determine licensing and costs of apps.


Getting the Most From ClassLink Analytics+

Sessions, launches, apps, and app groupings—oh my! Learn how to make the most out of the data in Analytics and Analytics+ to support students in effectively using digital resources. In this session, we’ll dig into how ClassLink Analytics+ helps you measure student engagement with apps and domains across schools, grade levels, and more.


The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Have you ever wondered why your department just can't seem to get projects completed from start to finish? Maybe your team is stuck in "the whirlwind." In this session, based on the book “The 4 Disciplines of Execution,” you’ll learn how to set goals and work to hit those goals as a department. With data generated from ClassLink as an example, we’ll explore how to use datasets to help your department discover their own “wildly important goal.”


Top 5 Uses of ClassLink Analytics

The rich variety of data that school systems generate contains valuable insights that facilitate decision making at a variety of levels. Data analytics can help a school system with everything from personalizing a student’s learning path to identifying and managing the portfolio of digital resources. In this session, we will explore the top 5 uses of ClassLink Analytics to ensure that you are benefitting from all the data available to you and your teachers—at your fingertips.


Using Data To Help Students Solve the Big Problems of Tomorrow

Data can tell amazing stories! Join Dr. Aaron Reedy of DataClassroom as he illustrates how to tell stories with data and how to get students in on the act. In this session, you’ll learn how to pull the interesting stories out of a dataset through graph making and statistics.


Close Out CLAS '22 With Awards and Celebration!

It’s party time! Help us close out two incredible days at CLAS. Come cheer for our award winners as we celebrate individuals and teams using data in innovative ways.

Meet the Speakers

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Keynote Speaker
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Andrea Jones-Rooy Headshot

Andrea Jones-Rooy, PhD

Dir. of Undergraduate Studies/Prof. of Data Science at NYU

Andrea Jones-Rooy is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and a Professor of Data Science at New York University. As a social scientist, Andrea believes imagination and collaboration are central to making the most of data. Join Andrea to learn how to put data into action to create stories that drive real change. You’ll leave this keynote with tangible ideas to make your next conversation about data more compelling.

Dean Browell Headshot

Dean Browell

Founder and Chief Behavioral Officer at Feedback

Dean Browell leads Feedback’s research as the resident PhD with a passion for how generations interact online. He is a co-founder of the cultural education project Hidden In Plain Site and a board member of the University of Richmond’s Institute on Philanthropy. Join Dean as he invites us to challenge our preconceptions of data and leave with a new perspective that empowers decision making, letting data tell the real story.

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