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Join districts and experts from across the country at the ClassLink Learning Analytics Summit (CLAS) and learn to translate data into easy-to-understand narratives about the status of equity, instruction, professional development and more in your schools.

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Through practical and interactive sessions with analytics experts, education leaders, and ClassLink senior leadership, you’ll learn to analyze data across your schools, make evidence-based decisions, and apply best practices for data security.

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The CLAS Agenda


Welcome & Keynote: Making Discoveries With Generative AI

Dr. Andrea Jones-Rooy returns to CLAS for a third keynote! New for CLAS 2023, Dr. Jones-Rooy takes attendees on a journey filled with the importance of creativity, thinking big, and leading with ideas, but this time with something new everyone is talking about – Generative AI. Generative AI can feel scary and overwhelming – and of course, no one knows how far it will go – but in the meantime, it can also be a fantastic tool to increase our analytical power, our discoveries from data, and even our own creativity. Audience members will walk away with tangible ideas about how they can put resources like ChatGPT to work right away to help them increase their own analytical and creative powers, be humble about the limitations of the technology, and to feel empowered to be positive participants, not just observers, of the many changes to come.


Leveraging Usage-Data Analytics

This panel session focuses on the power, limits, and potential variations of usage analytics. Learn how school districts connect data to better support edtech adoption and learning. We will focus on where we are today and what we think the future of usage-data analytics may include.


Utilizing ClassLink and TrustEd Apps To Evaluate District Digital Applications

Join us to learn how to make the most out of analytics data in the ClassLink product suite. We'll show you how to use ClassLink Analytics and Analytics+ to determine which digital apps students and staff use. You'll also learn how this data connects with the 1EdTech TrustEd Apps Management Console (TAMS). And that's not all – we'll teach you the ROI of your digital investments using the cost analysis features in ClassLink Analytics.


Cybersecurity: How ClassLink Enables Better Data Protection

Schools and their vendor partners have long struggled with solutions to protect shared PII data—until now. ClassLink DataGuard offers a revolutionary approach to limiting the amount of sensitive data shared, ultimately reducing risks for schools and vendors. It's a win-win for both parties and the entire industry.

DataGuard allows schools to replace key PII fields with meaningless letter scrambles before sending data to a vendor. Don't let rostering protocols compromise your school's data security!

Join this session and learn how to minimize the risks associated with data sharing and protect your schools against cybercriminals.


The Heat Is on... Heatmaps, That Is!

If you've asked yourself, “Does ClassLink have Heatmaps?” this session is for you! Join us as we explore how to access Heatmaps to gain greater insight into everything from Logins to ClassLink and App usage, all with just one click. We will look at how to identify trends and areas of improvement and inspire you to elevate your understanding of how this data can impact strategic planning decisions.


How To Find a Four-Leaf Clover: Making Discoveries in Your Data

When's the last time you had an aha moment working with data? Spotting data's four-leaf clovers takes more than luck! Learn how the skills to spot natural anomalies can help you derive value from your endless data. If you want to increase your organization's data insights, this session is for you!


Analytics+ for Instructional Leaders

Analytics+ provides key insights into what digital resources and districts use—but what about your building and curriculum leaders? Join Tara Amsterdam (Instructional Technology Coach, Colonial School District) as she shares how her district creates user-friendly reports to illuminate what instructional programs are used across buildings and classrooms through Analytics+ data. You’ll learn Tara’s best practices for sharing data with non-technical district leaders and get a peek at her future plans for improving these reports.


Top 5 Uses of ClassLink's Analytics Suite

The rich variety of data that school systems generate contains valuable insights that facilitate decision-making at various levels. Data analytics can help a school system with everything from personalizing a student’s learning path to identifying and managing their portfolio of digital resources. In this session, we will explore the Top 5 Uses of ClassLink Analytics to ensure that you benefit from all the data available to you and your teachers—at your fingertips.


Measure K–12 Cybersecurity Effectiveness Using the New Cybersecurity Rubric for Education

Attendees will leave this session with a complete understanding of how to measure K–12 cybersecurity effectiveness using the new cybersecurity education framework and rubric explicitly designed for education. Key takeaways include the culmination of the Cybersecurity Coalition’s work for the past two years. You'll learn how to:

  • Use the cybersecurity rubric to conduct a self-assessment.
  • Utilize the NIST-informed education-focused cybersecurity evaluation rubric and evaluate practices based on a maturity level.
  • Assign maturity levels for cybersecurity practices based on the supporting evidence.
  • Develop a cybersecurity evaluation report based on evaluation findings.

Attendees will implement their cyber-investigation skills by closely examining each cybersecurity domain-category maturity level rating and supporting evidence using the new framework. Just like measuring academic performance improvement using an A–F grading system, this systematic method of continuous improvement for cybersecurity safety is a surefire way school systems will improve!


Hidden Treasures: Reports to Export

With so many applications used in the classroom, it can be difficult to track which digital resources are used by students and teachers. ClassLink Analytics makes it easy for ClassLink Administrators to create reports that track digital resource usage to share with district stakeholders. If you’re a ClassLink Administrator, be sure to join us as we learn real-world strategies for leveraging data and explore Analytics’ hidden treasures to provide relevant, timely reports that can be used to deliver easy-to-understand information to your organization’s decision-makers.


Day 2 Welcome & Keynote: Writing for Busy Readers

Everyone is busy! That’s why we skim emails, texts, forms, documents, and nearly everything else. In this session, Professor Todd Rogers (Harvard) shares the practical cognitive science behind communication and the six actionable principles it generates. Learn how to increase the effectiveness of your messages and make your communication kinder and more equitable by keeping the time and attention of readers as its focus.


Think Tank: The Need for Data Standardization

Data standards increase transparency and streamline analysis by ensuring a common language across systems. In this session, we will explore the "what" and "why" of data standards. Join industry experts as they discuss the future of data standards, the need for standards that address usage analytics, and how educational data standards enable learning analytics.


Why Use the Cost Feature in ClassLink's Analytics

How do you determine the ROI—Return On Instruction—of digital resources? As you build budgets for the next school year, ClassLink’s usage analytics can provide the data you need to make informed decisions.

Join this session to learn how Karla Burkholder, Director of Technology at Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD, uses the Cost feature in ClassLink Analytics to support budget and instructional decisions.


Using CoSN's Digital Equity Dashboard To Make Informed District Decisions

Join us for a lively and interactive discussion about digital equity and how the Consortium for School Networking's (CoSN's) Digital Equity Dashboard can help school districts make informed decisions. Learn how one school district made significant changes based on the information gained from the dashboards and how to facilitate intentional collaboration around data use and analytics.


Insights for Your Teachers: My Classes

Unlock the true power of data-driven decision-making in education by joining our interactive session focused on the analytics available in ClassLink LaunchPad's My Classes tool. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in education, educators must harness the full potential of digital resources. The analytics reports offered in My Classes are a game-changer, empowering teachers with evidence-based insights to make informed and impactful teaching decisions. Participants in this session will explore real-life scenarios and practical use cases, ensuring they leave with the confidence to revolutionize their teaching practices and elevate student outcomes with powerful, readily-available analytics.


Close Out CLAS '23 With Awards and Celebration!

It’s party time! Help us close out two incredible days at CLAS. Come cheer for our award winners as we celebrate individuals and teams using data in innovative ways.

Nominate a Data Innovator

Do you know someone using data in innovative ways? Nominate them for a CLAS Award today! Our CLAS Awards are specifically designed to recognize institutions, leaders, and experts using data in innovative ways.

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Meet the Speakers

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Keynote Speaker
Day 1
Day 2
Andrea Jones-Rooy Headshot

Andrea Jones-Rooy, PhD

Dir. of Undergraduate Studies/Prof. of Data Science at NYU

Andrea Jones-Rooy is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and a Professor of Data Science at New York University. As a social scientist, Andrea believes imagination and collaboration are central to making the most of data. Join Andrea to learn tangible ideas for putting resources like ChatGPT to work right away and increase your own analytical powers and feel empowered in the face of future technology.

Todd Rodgers Headshot

Dr. Todd Rogers

Professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Dr. Todd Rogers is a Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is a behavioral scientist whose work supports student success and improves communication. Sharing the practical cognitive science behind communication, Todd will teach attendees how to make your communication efficient, kinder, and more equitable by keeping the time and attention of readers as its focus.

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