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A One-Stop-Shop for Establishing Consistent, Easy Access to Technology

The Challenge

Struggling with technology access

In 2017, Compton Unified School District faced a hefty challenge: how to ensure consistent, easy access to technology for staff and students.

The district’s 1:1 laptop initiative was well underway, but teachers and students consistently lost instructional time to a host of sign-in issues including forgotten passwords and scattered digital resources. Technology access was also hindered by arduous back-end challenges including time-consuming rostering and provisioning processes and sticky VPN access issues that hindered remote work for staff.

Choosing ClassLink

Providing a powerful SSO solution

Compton’s solution was ClassLink, a robust SSO platform that also acts as a password reset tool and a way for staff to easily access files remotely. For IT staff, ClassLink provides a central method for user provisioning and rostering, making those tasks easier and faster. ClassLink even provides quick access to usage analytics which the IT group can then share with the instructional department, ensuring costly technology is being used to its full potential.

The Outcome

Saving time, money and sanity

Now, teachers and students can easily find, access and use technology and digital resources. That means more time for instruction—and less frustration. “Because of ClassLink everyone in our district knows there’s one place to go whether they need to reset their password, access their applications, or even to access their desktop,” explains Gabriel Barrientos, IT Director of IT Infrastructure.

With ClassLink in place, the district now has a one-stop-shop for SSO, rostering, provisioning and remote access. By eliminating the need to for several platforms to address their access issues, Compton didn’t just solve access problems—they also saved time and money.

“There were other platforms that we used for VPN and provisioning, and the combined cost of those compared to what we pay as a one-stop-shop for ClassLink, there are significant savings there.”

Tony Burrus
Compton Unified School District