Six Ways SmartTrack Can Save Schools Time and Money

March 20, 2019
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Partner Spotlight: SmartTrack

As we aim to empower students and teachers with instant access to their digital learning resources and productivity tools, we are given the incredible opportunity to work with passionate partners to help us support you in raising student achievement and progress. We are keen to introduce you to our wonderful partners through our regular Partner Spotlight series.

How Are You Tracking Your School Resources?

Do you know where all of your laptops, books, and curriculum are?  What about your science equipment?  Art Supplies?

Most schools have a hard time keeping track of their assets.  The average school loses about $18,000 worth of resources each year due to items being misplaced and procurement overlap.  The “pen and paper” method some schools have attempted to try and solve this problem is tedious, time-consuming and, as most teachers will agree, horribly ineffective.

That’s where our new partner SmartTrack comes in!  SmartTrack can reduce that loss by 75%, helping schools save thousands of dollars each year by transforming the way assets are tracked and inventory is managed. This is the most affordable, easy to use and customizable inventory solution on the market, and thanks to a partnership with ClassLink, it’s more accessible than ever before.

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Six Ways SmartTrack Can Save Schools Time and Money

  • Reduce misplaced inventory in your school by 75%.
  • Run bi-annual inventory 5x faster than any traditional “by hand” methods.
  • Make more accurate procurement by using superior information about what you have.
  • Create a check-in and check-out system for your laptops, library and any other school resources you need.
  • Run reports for your classroom, school or your entire district with an unlimited number of users available!
  • Implement this system without having to buy or manage additional hardware or tags.

What do clients say...

Across the district, it was challenging to know which schools had which materials. With SmartTrack, we are able to know what materials schools have, trends in what is missing, and help ensure schools and teachers have the resources they need to teach. By using this digital inventory system, we can also support schools to know what is in the school book room versus in individual classroom libraries - at all times!

Wayles Wilson

COO, Camden County School District

SmartTrack provides a systematic way to track inventory within a building that provides the opportunity to share products, develop inventory needs and continue to maintain proper inventory of academic needs and wants for future purchases.

Deborah Goodman, Operations Manager

Brimm Medical Arts High School

We used SmartTrack to level and organize our school library, allowing us to finally utilize the room in a meaningful way.

April Brown, Principal

L.W. Waring School, Philadelphia School District

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