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April 14, 2021
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In the age of digital learning (both in and out of the classroom), educators, students, and staff need the technologies they use to work together so learning can stay on track. That’s precisely why ClassLink’s Partner Program exists—and why we’ve taken a transparent and inclusive approach to work with EdTech vendors.

How Does ClassLink’s Partner Model Help Schools?

Everyone committed to the education industry wants the same thing—success for schools. But that success requires that systems work together, exchange information, and are easy to access.

ClassLink’s approach to vendor partnerships creates an environment where plug-and-play and interchanging apps aren’t just possible—they’re seamless. That approach is consistent with an educator’s mindset. As they learn, grow, and try new things, there is always opportunity for new technologies to come into play.

Educators and students need accessible technologies, and the ClassLink approach to partnerships empowers them to do that more readily.

No hidden costs for anyone

While we are a for-profit company and need to keep our business running, we are guided by a higher purpose: advancing education and empowering students worldwide with easy access to learning resources.

We are adamant that there is no cost for vendors to partner with us. We’ve built integration costs into ClassLink’s purchase price. There’s no guesswork involved. Vendors don’t need to figure out how to make up the cost of integration, and schools don’t need to wonder if vendors are passing integration costs down to them.

A level playing field for vendors

ClassLink’s approach to partnering creates an inclusive environment where any vendor can integrate with our platform—whether it’s a large, well-established application or a tiny start-up with a game-changing app. Both can integrate with ClassLink at no cost.

Once a vendor integrates with ClassLink, they are available for any school system to access through LaunchPad. With a level playing field for all vendors, schools have quick access to the exact resources they want (and need).

Interoperability for schools

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced the struggle of using education technologies that aren’t interoperable and connected. The scenarios can look like this:

  • An entire class can’t access their reading app during the first week back to school because the student information system and the app don’t speak the same language, creating a time-consuming rostering struggle.
  • Schools hand over more student data than they need to (putting that data at risk).
  • Administrators don’t have complete usage data to understand which apps students and educators use/don’t use (goodbye precious budget dollars!).
  • And the list goes on.

ClassLink uses open data standards and is IMS Global Conformance Certified. This certification guarantees ClassLink’s interoperability with hundreds of products and makes it easy for all your applications and resources to work together seamlessly, saving you both time and money.

Encourage Your Favorite Apps To Partner With ClassLink

ClassLink is always open to working with new vendors. If you have an app you’d like added to ClassLink’s platform, getting the ball rolling is easy. Direct them to our partner page and encourage them to start the partnership process.



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