Partnering With ClassLink: February 2023

February 14, 2023
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Announcing 27 New Apps and 15 New Partners

Explore our Global Library, and you’ll find 27 new apps to support your school system with everything from a curriculum focused on Black history and culture to budgeting! We’ve also teamed up with 15 new Certified Partners you’re sure to love! Meet them all in our Certified Partners list below.

Partner Spotlight Webinars

ClassLink’s approach to vendor partnerships creates an environment where plug-and-play and interchanging apps aren’t just possible—they’re seamless. That approach is consistent with an educator’s mindset. As they learn, grow, and try new things, there is always an opportunity for new technologies to come into play.

This webinar series puts the focus on our trusted partners. Join us to learn more about our industry partners who are working to support teaching and learning across all levels of education.

Partner Spotlight: The Science of Phonics Shed
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Partner Spotlight: Remind
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Partner Spotlight: Classcraft
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2023 Certified Partners

We connect to more than 6,000 digital learning resources, including publishers, reference providers, supplemental products, and learning management systems. Check out our most recent Certified Partners.

February 2023

Adobe (Adobe Creative Cloud)
Dreambox Learning Inc
Khan Academy
Kids Discover
MyBudgetFile Inc.
Resonant Education
RTI Scheduler
XanEdu (LessonLift)
XanEdu (XanEdu eReader)



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