Partner Spotlight: Curriculum Pathways

February 6, 2019
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As we aim to empower students and teachers with instant access to their digital learning resources and productivity tools, we are given the incredible opportunity to work with passionate partners to help us support you in raising student achievement and progress. We are keen to introduce you to our wonderful partners through our regular Partner Spotlight series.

The first partner in our series is Curriculum Pathways®, an award-winning product that provides content in the core disciplines of English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and Spanish. Aligned with state standards (as well as the Common Core State Standards), Curriculum Pathways features tools, lessons, data sets and primary sources that enable technology-rich instruction and engage higher-order thinking skills for students in K-12 and beyond.

Curriculum Pathways® is available at no cost to all educators and their students, so you can add Curriculum Pathways to your Launchpad and provide one-click access to all of their resources for students and teachers for free!

Here are the top five resources available in Curriculum Pathways:

  1. Flash Cards – A productivity app providing access to a variety of decks for Pre-K to post-secondary along with the ability to create new decks and share them. Available on any platform/device.
  2. Algebra 1 course – Full course that can be used in its entirety or individual elements of lessons can be selected for reinforcement, practice, or review on any platform/device.
  3. Writing Reviser – The most powerful of the Writing Navigator tools, it guides students through the revision process, encouraging critical thinking for clarity and conviction in their written work.  
  4. Explore! Primary Sources – Explore four centuries of primary sources provided with historical context and content-based questions to encourage active reading. Curated for grade-level and content needs, resources are perfect for both student inquiries and teacher-led activities.
  5. Punctuation Rules! – students will learn the basic rules of punctuation; demonstrate the connection between punctuation and meaning; and provide specific words, phrases, and clauses to create sentences and apply punctuation.

Curriculum Pathways takes educators’ feedback into account and are constantly adding new resources and evolving their offering. The newest tool, Crio, is expected to rise to the top of the list of popular resources. Crio enables you to build and share innovative lessons using elements designed for educators and based on proven pedagogy. Unleash your imagination and envision lessons that inspire students’ natural curiosity and foster higher-order thinking skills.

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