Making an MPACT: Diversity and Inclusion at ClassLink

September 20, 2022
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It’s been proven time and again that a more diverse, inclusive workplace produces happier employees, more well-rounded problem-solving, and innovative solutions. That’s where ClassLink’s Management Professional Accelerator Coaching and Training (MPACT) program comes in!

The MPACT program is the brainchild of ClassLink CEO Berj Akian and Tonie Snell, who specializes in connecting people, brands, and jobs. Born of a desire to increase digital equity in the tech space, the program is a project-based, rotational fellowship that allows historically excluded and underestimated groups to network in circles they ordinarily wouldn’t have access to. Participants will also gain new skills through professional development and hands-on experiences.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Akian saw the importance of creating a program that was respectful to and reflective of the population that ClassLink serves in its schools and institutions. The MPACT program fits well into ClassLink’s already established company culture–one that is dedicated to holding customers in high regard while contributing to the community with heart.
  • The MPACT name is meaningful in and of itself. Snell believes that “when you give access to an opportunity and empower an individual, it impacts a household and therefore a community,” thus serving as a catalyst for powerful and positive change.
  • Akian and Snell agree that MPACT fellows should be compensated because fair compensation is an element of pay equity. They believe that one should be able to “earn a decent living” while building a knowledge base.
  • The MPACT program takes a holistic approach that intermingles professional business acumen with personal growth. In addition to hard skills, participants will also learn how to navigate corporate waters in a transparent way and how to effectively communicate with co-workers.

Akian hopes that, as the program develops, it becomes model-worthy. The ultimate dream–it can eventually be used as a template for other corporations in the tech field to create a better system for all. Snell feels the program has to do more than “make people feel good”. It must be beyond performative. “Equity is giving people what they need to succeed, not giving everyone the same opportunity.”

For program details and access to the application, click here.



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