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June 17, 2019
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Partner Spotlight: Satchel Pulse

As we aim to empower students and teachers with instant access to their digital learning resources and productivity tools, we are given the incredible opportunity to work with passionate partners to help us support you in raising student achievement and progress. We are keen to introduce you to our wonderful partners through our regular Partner Spotlight series.

Successfully build a positive culture in your district

Satchel Pulse gives school and district leaders the insight to make informed decisions on school culture, including staff retention, student well-being, family engagement, and school improvement.

Pulse’s continuous improvement approach ensures that action can be taken that is relevant and not based on snapshot surveys from the past. It does this by delivering regular, short, anonymous online surveys to staff, students and parents. Their feedback is collated in Pulse with detailed views showing where efforts for improvement should be focused.

Pulse enables districts to make unbiased decisions as to when and where they deploy their budget for school improvement and gives them the evidence to show why.

Find out how Pulse can help you drive a positive culture in your school or district with a demo of Pulse or a 30-day Pilot.

Try out their demo today!

Pulse’s 5 modules driving positive culture

  • Surveys - Anonymous surveys for staff
  • Insights - View the impact of feedback
  • Ideas - Let colleagues share their ideas
  • Actions - Track you actions for improvement
  • Resources - Get aids for staff PD

What do clients say...

Our principals have found Pulse insightful and valuable as it’s provided a very accurate picture of how staff are feeling in the present vs snapshot feedback we used to capture. This has allowed us to zoom out and make better decisions earlier before it’s too late.

Martin Mahan HR Director

Fortsmith Public School District, Arkansas.

Get started with Pulse

In ClassLink Management Console, click Applications ->Add & Assign Apps. Scroll or use the Search feature to locate the application. Click the green Assign button. Click the Add button for the desired Profile(s), Group(s), or User(s).

Learn more about ClassLink’s inclusive partner philosophy.



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