Engagement Insight: July 2021

July 13, 2021
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Summer Resources and Communication Tools from ClassLink

As you begin to look toward next school year, we want to share some resources and tools that you can use to help keep your users up-to-date on changes you made over the summer.

Handy Communication Features You Might Not Be Using

Alerts - Check out the video in the link below to explore alert features through LaunchPad. You can utilize this handy tool to keep students and teachers up-to-date on pertinent info.

Login Page Alerts: Support Training

Alert Example:

Notifications - You can also push out Notifications through LaunchPad to specific Profiles or Groups. Get more info on publishing Notifications in the link below.

Notifications: Support Training

Notification Example:

Login Banner - Utilize the horizontal bar at the top of your login page with customizable content to reach your users. Add a “Quick Link” to easily guide users to a document, video, website, and more.

Login Banner: Support Training

Banner Example:

Interested in more ClassLink resources to support you this summer? We curated a list below that we think you may find helpful.

  1. Back-to-School Checklist
    • Check it out on our website here
    • You also have a “BTS Checklist” app right on your dashboard for easy access
  2. ClassLink Academy Webinars for Admins App (BLUE app on your MyApps dashboard) – These are short 30-minute webinars.
    • We have some great on-demand ones – Ex: Roster Server Updates
    • Upcoming webinars you can sign up for now – Ex: Analytics Iot, All About the Roster Server, Get Back To School Ready
  3. ClassLink Academy App (WHITE app on your MyApps dashboard) – These are longer courses (approximately 2 hours each), with in-depth training to become a ClassLink pro.
    • You’ll find ones for Roster Server, OneSync, Analytics, and Launchpad. Great refresher course for you and/or new team members. After you finish the test at the end, you’ll receive a certificate of completion! Don’t see these courses? Click Join the Group and add the code: CLAdmin
  4. Rostering Applications List – Looking to add more vendors to Roster Server?
    • Check out the complete list here - Rostering Applications. Please contact your new vendors ASAP! July and August will be extremely busy for them!
  5. Change password lockers to Federated SSO for a better user experience!
  6. Your Engagement Director – Our favorite resource...schedule time with your engagement director!

Pro-Tip:  Refresh your ClassLink login page with a new look for the 2021-2022 school year.



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