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March 17, 2022
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Level Up Your Rostering With New Roster Server Features

Now it’s even easier to use Roster Server with everything related to your Student Information System (SIS) easily accessible on the Imports page. Along with clear access to all your import tools, you can also clearly see where you are in the import process by clicking on the caret (down arrow) on the left.

New Roster Server Imports Graphic

Through the updated Imports page, you can:

  • Access your SIS
  • View and manage manual or scheduled imports
  • See the most recent import information, including the status of your most recent import
  • Run an import manually
  • Edit your settings
  • View your import log history

You can also adjust your thresholds, add Sync Blackout Dates, or change your Limited Import settings under the SIS Details screen, which you can access by clicking on the three dots.

The Files tab (found in the right navigation on the SIS Details screen) allows you to manage your import directory by uploading, downloading, and deleting files to and from the Daily Import file directory.

Take a deep dive into all of our new Roster Server features with these helpful resources:

  • Watch this on-demand presentation, Level Up Your Rostering with New Roster Server Features. In this presentation from our customer conference (CLON), we dig into all the latest Roster Server features, including the new Imports page, rule-based permissions, and advanced settings that will save you so much time. (Login or register for on-demand access.)
  • Find a quick ClassLink Academy course on Imports under Roster Server Imports Anthology: 3.1 Import Files. (To access ClassLink Academy, log in to your LaunchPad and look for the ClassLink Academy App.)
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Happy rostering!

Tech Talk: New Imports Features in Roster Server (And Loads of Updates)

As you read above, Roster Server has a shiny, new Imports interface! To help you start using this new interface, we’ve updated our related Help Center articles. 

New Roster Server Imports Graphic

Don’t Miss These Roster Server Updates 

In addition to the changes to Roster Server’s Imports page, we’ve made several updates and enhancements to Roster Server recently. Here’s a look at all of our most recent changes below, so you don’t miss anything.

  • Rule-Based Permissions and Google Classroom's More Actions feature are out of Beta. Hooray! What will you find?
    • Slide-overs are now their very own pages.
    • You'll no longer see a "beta" tag when you create new rules, so create with confidence!
    • Your Rule-Based Permissions page now has nifty sorting capabilities.
    • All Google Classroom job types have logs. That's right—all jobs, big and small.
  • Roster Server has an SDS Custom Export. Hooray!
  • Manual Records now lives on the remodeled Imports page.
  • A new gear icon ⚙️ on the Apps page gives you easy access to app data in a single location. Learn more in our updated Data Export With SFTP Help Center article.
  • The Preprocessor received a little makeover as well:
    • We equipped the Preprocessor with a new, sortable "Date Last Modified" column.
    • Preprocessor also has a new postfix function to add days to the end date of academic sessions and enrollments.
  • You now have the option to strip invalid characters in a custom export.
  • We understand the need to treat primary and secondary students differently for data analysis, so we reworked the Data Checkup Report to give you more specific details. Students and Enrollments are now delineated by group (i.e., KG-02, 03-06, and 06-12).


  • In both Academic Sessions and Enrollments in the Preprocessor, we added the ability to add extra days to the end date to allow for overlapping of start and end dates, which prevents your enrollments from dropping.

Now, you’re up to date on our latest Roster Server enhancements. Don’t forget to check our Product Release Notes often, including our Product Release Calendar, for more product information.



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