Free Professional Development Opportunities for Your Instructional Leaders

June 22, 2022
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Just as ClassLink Administrators have access to opportunities to hone their technical skills, your instructional leaders have access to a multitude of free professional development opportunities from ClassLink, including:

ClassLink Academy Courses

The ClassLink Academy App offers certification courses for Tech Admins, School Leaders, and Teachers. Those who complete the courses receive a badge and a certificate to display on a resume, LinkedIn, and other professional sites.

Courses available to all users include Analytics Associate (School and District Leaders), Analytics Associate (Admins), LaunchPad Associate, CMC Associate, and OneSync Associate certifications.

Please note that all users are placed in the Instructional group in the ClassLink LMS by default. Admins will need to join the Administrator group to see the Administrator certifications:

  1. Click Join Group
  2. Enter CLAdmin to see the Administrator certifications

ClassLink Webinars

ClassLink also offers the following webinars for Instructors/Instructional Leaders, including:

  • Blended Learning
  • Formative Assessments
  • Sustainable Development Goals

To give your Instructors/Instructor Leaders access to these webinars, assign the ClassLink Webinars for Instructors app from your applications library.

If you are interested in providing teacher training opportunities, please reach out to your Engagement Director or Implementation Project Manager for face-to-face training.

Tech Talk

Use this step-by-step guide to show you what to do in ClassLink before, during, and after your SIS data rollover.

Before SIS Rollover

In the LaunchPad

  • Update the support email in ClassLink to your district's help desk email address in Settings > Customizations.
  • Reflect on your Security Groups.
  • Disable apps in LaunchPad that can show schedules.
    • For rostered apps, you can remove the checkbox for students under the assignment in the management console > Application tab.
    • This will allow your teachers access to the resources to set up class assignments without the students being able to view their schedules.
  • Disable My Classes in the My Classes settings in the CMC.


  • Internal Communication
    • Have Tenant Administrators use LaunchPad’s communication features to let staff and students know that some apps are undergoing summer maintenance.
      • Notifications can be sent to the My Apps screen by profile or groups.
      • The login page can have a banner message across the top or a drop-down alert-style message, both directed globally to all users.
    • Discuss added subscriptions with curriculum department.
  • External Communication
    • Contact new and current rostered application vendors.
      • ClassLink recommends reaching out to all rostered application vendors to discuss specific school needs, their rollover process, and future plans for rostering in the coming year.
      • Have any new resources been added for next school year?
      • Are there users who are not teachers or students with a class who will need access to the platforms?
  • Permissions
    • Add new vendors
    • Update existing vendors with new permissions

After SIS Rollover


  • Create new federated SSOs for newly rostered applications.
  • Test all newly-created federated SSOs using impersonation.
  • Check ClassLink Academy for new courses.

Roster Server

  • Once your blackout period ends in Roster Server, you will hit your thresholds. Make sure to check your data before you override the thresholds.
  • Thresholds: Override thresholds when new data comes in.
  • Ensure that app permissions/queries are set properly for all rostered applications.
  • Run Sanity Check to confirm the data being sent is accurate.
  • Run Data Checkup on your Roster Server Dashboard to help identify any possible issues in your data.

Need help? Contact your Engagement Director or Implementation Project Manager for additional assistance.



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