ClassLink Academy: April 2022

April 13, 2022
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Spring has sprung and here at ClassLink Academy—and we’re buzzing 🐝 with excitement to announce Q1 winners. And the fun doesn’t stop there, we’ve upped the ante for continuing education, added upvoting to discussion forums, and made a few cosmetic tweaks to the ClassLink Academy Course listing, because who doesn’t love a makeover? Let’s take a look at what’s just sprouting up and what’s in full bloom.

Winners Announced, Who’s Next?

Gamification continues to flourish and we’re excited to announce our Quarter 1 winners! We’re giving a well-deserved congratulations to:

  • 🥇 Matt Clark from Kingsport City Schools in Tennessee
  • 🥈 Matt McCormack from Manassas Park City Schools in Virginia
  • 🥉 Maury Wood from Williamson County Schools in Tennessee

They brought the heat and now we’re bringing the treat! Winners will receive a gift box with fun ClassLink swag. Didn’t make it to the finals this time around? No worries, Quarter 2 is in full swing and the top spots are ripe for the taking.

Continuing Education

CEUs (Continuing Education Units) and credentialed badging are now available through ClassLink Academy.


ClassLink Academy now sponsors CEU credits that you can use towards your licensure renewal. Simply complete all micro-courses in a given anthology and you’ll be on your way.

To learn more about ClassLink Academy CEUs, check out the course title “Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) in ClassLink Academy”.

Credentialed Badges

Looking for even more ways to rack up those credits?  We’ve got you covered! Associate and Expert level courses in ClassLink Academy have credentialed badges. Badges are delivered to your inbox within 24 hours of course completion, guaranteed. (Just be sure to check that spam folder if it’s nowhere to be found). Also, keep your eyes peeled for credentialed badges for micro-courses coming soon!

More Ways to Stay Engaged

Thanks to your suggestions, we’ve implemented a few more ways to make your learning experience come alive.

Upvote Ideas

Love someone’s idea or even your own? Give it a big thumbs up! Upvoting in discussion forums will push great ideas to the top of the pile so they can be recognized. Do you have a little fairy dust to sprinkle on a product, feature, or service? Let us know in the Ideas Exchange discussion forum. Don’t be shy! Plant the seeds of suggestion so that we can continue to grow great things together.

Course List Makeover

ClassLink Academy’s course listing received some spring cleaning. It's more visually appealing and even easier to navigate. Headings are trimmed down and rearranged in alphabetical order for better readability. ‘Academy Starting Point’ gives you everything you need to begin your learning journey. ‘Products’ lets you get familiar with all things ClassLink and ‘Toolkit’ is filled with nifty courses on a medley of subjects. Lastly, in honor of the season, we’ve added our signature gold as category markers to chase away those winter blues and bring you some much-needed sunshine! ☀️



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