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April 4, 2024
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Available through the ClassLink Management Console, Security Center brings together new and distinct security modules at no additional cost. The 'Security Events' module within the Security Center provides a central place to find, track, and catalog security events and suspicious activity, making it easier to take action and protect your data.

What Is a 'Security Event'?

  • 'Events' include suspicious activities and potential threats (such as compromised accounts, usernames, and passwords found on the dark web)
  • When surveyed at CLON'24, 96% of customers wanted ClassLink to provide notice of Security Events
  • ClassLink continually searches for potential security threats, including monitoring the dark web. When we find something related to your school, we will post an event to your Security Events module, and you'll receive a notification like this email
  • You can access Security Center from the ClassLink Management Console

We Have Security Events - Now What?

If you receive a Security Event notification from ClassLink, it means ClassLink's security team analyzed text files produced by two dark websites. The text files contain usernames and passwords from your user directory used to authenticate to ClassLink LaunchPad.

If this fits your situation, ClassLink recommends you:

  • Visit your Security Center
  • Evaluate the accounts that have been compromised and track when you've addressed each account

Additionally, it is beneficial to consider the following:

  • Deactivate or change passwords for affected accounts
  • Enforce password length and complexity requirements
  • Implement a password rotation policy
  • Avoid using generic passwords for groups of users (i.e., schoolmascot23 for all 5th-grade users)
  • Require MFA for accounts accessing protected data

NOTE: Security Events are NOT ClassLink incidents. The compromised credentials, some of which are not found in ClassLink, were likely obtained from phishing, malware, or possibly from third-party vendor websites.

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About the Author

About the Authors

Jeff Janover

VP of Security & Interoperability



Jeff Janover is the VP of Security and Interoperability at ClassLink. Before ClassLink, Jeff worked for over 20 years as the Director of Technology in a New Jersey public school district, providing him with insights into the challenges faced by educational institutions and a deep understanding of the intersection between technology and education. Now, Jeff uses his engineering, database design, and programming skills to help build robust data interoperability systems for the academic community.