Introducing ClassLink Analytics

Understand and Share True Usage Metrics

Insight Leads To Better Management

Your school has invested heavily in digital learning resources and business tools, but how do you really know how often they are utilized? ClassLink Analytics allows you to keep track of these resources so you can determine which learning applications are adding value. Just how important is the data? Increasingly, better decisions require better data. Read our case study to see how Cedar Hill ISD, in Texas, uses the data to evaluate their resources.

Statistics Overview

Custom dashboard for all of your connected educational apps, showing a summary of logins, users, and apps. 

  • View reports by building, grade level, classroom, and individual.
  • See which apps are your strongest, most frequently used.
  • Search for underutilized products to inform training and communications.
  • Identify trends between patterns of usage and learning outcomes.

Download the Mobile App

Administrators can access the Analytics dashboard from any location and any device. Next time you’re in a meeting and someone asks ‘Is anyone really using that new software we just bought?’ – With the ClassLink Analytics mobile app, you can take out your cell phone and answer within seconds.

Automated Reporting

With Analytics reporting, you can easily schedule usage reports to be delivered to your inbox on a weekly or monthly basis. Add email addresses to the distribution to share the statistics with others.

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