Purchase With All Three Rounds of ESSER Funds

School systems can use all three rounds of ESSER Funds (ESSER, ESSER II, or ESSER III) to purchase ClassLink as part of their efforts to accelerate learning and prepare for the future.

ClassLink meets congressional requirements including addressing learning loss, purchasing educational technology, implementing activities to maintain the operation and continuity of services, and improving cybersecurity. 

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Meeting ESSER Requirements

Addressing learning loss

How ClassLink can help:

  • ClassLink’s single sign-on (SSO) and access tools help teachers and students accelerate learning by using learning time more efficiently and regaining instruction hours formerly lost to login and access issues. Where technology can often be a learning variable, SSO is a learning enabler.
  • Students gain a consistent home base to quickly access all their digital learning materials using just one username and password. Quick, easy access to learning helps educators adhere to a rigorous learning schedule.
  • ClassLink saves quantifiable instructional time. For example, Orange Unified School District, CA, measured the time spent logging into their top five applications and discovered that having ClassLink’s single sign-on platform saved 2,500 hours of instruction time per month.
  • ClassLink Analytics helps district leaders and teachers monitor and address student access and engagement issues with detailed usage data. Leaders can use this data to recognize when students and families need additional supports.
  • ClassLink provides the third leg of the “three-legged stool of learning,” which includes devices, infrastructure, and student access.

Supporting educational technology purchases

How ClassLink can help:

  • With ClassLink Analytics, technology leaders can see which digital resources add value and provide a return on their technology investments. This data supports informed decisions around purchasing, subscription renewals, and professional development.
  • ClassLink is an end-to-end solution that makes it easier to deliver exceptional digital learning experiences. Classlink’s platform solves the digital learning and technology challenges students, teachers, parents, IT and curriculum teams, and district leaders face daily.
  • Here's how:
    • LaunchPad — End the painful student login process. Save time and cut confusion with single sign-on to a library of 6,000+ connectors.
    • Analytics — Understand and measure student engagement and make informed purchasing and training decisions with access to usage data for all of the digital resources in your district.
    • Roster Server — Deliver class rosters to all of your digital learning resources instantly and securely using open data standards.
    • OneSync — Reduce the time it takes to create and manage student and staff accounts with secure, automated account provisioning.
    • My Classes — Help teachers monitor student and class engagement during hybrid, remote or in-class learning with class usage analytics that measure logins and time on task in each application accessed through the ClassLink Launchpad. Teachers can also customize the apps students see for personalized learning or use discussion boards for communication, connection, or quick formative assessment checks.
    • Parent Portal — Make managing school life easier for parents and guardians with a consistent place to access grades, lunch accounts, library assets, newsletters, and other supports.
    • Public Portal — Establish transparency and build trust with a public-facing inventory of digital resources used in your district. Community members can see privacy settings, intended use, and the types of student data shared for each specific resource.

Implementing activities to maintain the operation and continuity of services 

How ClassLink can help:

  • ClassLink’s automated and secure rostering and provisioning tools ensure everyone in the district has timely access to all their digital resources when they need them. IT teams can even use these tools remotely during school closures helping learning happen anywhere and anytime.
  • ClassLink My Files gives students, educators, and staff real-time access to all their files—from anywhere—no matter where they are stored. Users can also share and edit them from any device and seamlessly switch between drives in seconds.

Implementing activities related to summer learning and supplemental after-school programs

How ClassLink can help:

  • With ClassLink, schools can provide all students with quick, easy access to summer and supplemental learning opportunities, whether they learn on-site or from home.
  • ClassLink accelerates learning by removing the issues that take away from instruction and learning time—including forgotten passwords and access problems.
  • Teachers and tutors can use My Classes to personalize the learning resources available for each student, ensuring their digital resources meet them at their learning level. Teachers and tutors can also easily break classes into small groups and then communicate with and coach each group through My Classes, discussion boards—helping them teach and reach students at various learning levels.

Improving cybersecurity 

How ClassLink can help:

  • ClassLink ensures the interoperability of products and services while encrypting data in transit and at rest.
  • ClassLink reduces security risks by safeguarding student data behind MFA, encryption, and third-party security audits.
  • ClassLink offers both Authentication and Authorization for access, ensuring only the correct people have access and authorization for data.

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