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  • September 19, 2017

In this series, we present interviews with school districts using ClassLink Analytics.

ClassLink Analytics shows digital learning resource and business tool usage by school, grade, and individual. With custom usage reports and a mobile app, our Analytics tool helps administrators evaluate the digital tools being used in their schools. Earlier this year, we rolled out an updated Analytics dashboard and have been getting in touch with our clients to report back on how it is being used.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rhonda Sumpter and Tamra Hogue from the Bay District Schools in Florida about their district’s use of ClassLink Analytics. Below are some of the highlights of our interview.

How long has Bay County SD been using ClassLink Analytics?

We’ve been using it since the day we signed up with ClassLink.

How do you currently use the Analytics tool?

We’ve used it with the school board to help evaluate what apps are being used, show the number of logins per program, and filter by the school. Recently, we used Analytics to look into whether students were accessing LaunchPad on the weekends, in an effort to support improved WiFi coverage in areas where the students were gathering.

Were you tracking usage analytics before ClassLink?

Yes, we would generally survey the schools and rely on word of mouth reporting. For more accurate reporting, we would have to go into each program individually to pull analytics from their systems. This was a cumbersome task!

As a result of using ClassLink Analytics can you measure any reduced costs?  

We eliminated underutilized programs which saved us money.

What did implementation look like on your end?

We relied on the ClassLink team. Stan and Paulo have been very responsive and helpful, from custom report requests to sending informative screenshots over to our team. If not for them, I don’t where we’d be.

Any final thoughts to share?

We’ve measured significant growth in digital resource usage since implementing Classlink in our school district. Programs that did not get much use in previous years have increased in use.

Is your school district using ClassLink Analytics? We’d love to feature you in a future post. Contact Marla Wilson @ to arrange an interview. 

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