Sorry – you can’t enter this exhibit without a password.

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  • January 13, 2017

Imagine if you could only enter an exhibit at your favorite education conference by saying the correct password to get in. That’s 400+passwords just so that you can get access to products and services, many of which you’ve already paid for. If this seems unrealistic, unsustainable, and unfriendly to educators, you’re right.

Why then, are we willing to be this unfriendly to teachers and students in their digital learning environments?

Educators are prevented from unlocking the full potential of digital education because they don’t have easy, reliable access. Websites, reference sites, learning games, streaming video, source materials, files, presentations, management systems. Each and every one needs a username and password; that’s too much to ask of our teachers and students, who want to spend time teaching and learning, not entering usernames and passwords.

So, as you walk the floor during your next education conference and freely move from one exhibit to another, consider how nice it would be if you could do the same with your digital learning.

While you’re at it, stop by the ClassLink booth at FETC (#959) or TCEA (# 2326). You’ll see how we not only enable access to your digital learning resources – including virtually every one of them in the same exhibit hall, we’ll show you how it can be safe, secure, and easy. And no, you don’t need a password to get in.

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