Security… Trust, but verify

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  • March 14, 2016

When we present ClassLink to someone new, we’re occasionally asked about security. The question doesn’t come up as often as it did a few years ago when school districts were still in the infancy of ‘moving to the cloud’. In some ways, I suppose, the reason for the fall-off on security questions is that we’re all growing more comfortable with web applications. It’s tough to deny the benefits of web apps as compared to past generations of PC and network based software. Modern web apps are accessible from any device (tablets and phones), they tend to be reliable (remember all those Ctrl+Alt+Del’s and Command+Option+Esc’s?) and, thank goodness, they’re usually easier to learn (clicking buttons = happy… typing commands = huh?).


Without a doubt, the benefits of modern web apps are great, but sometimes there are career moments where a little preparation can go a long way. If you’re the instructional technology leader, you want to be prepared when someone in the organization or community comes up to you and asks, ‘How do you know that system is secure? Have you asked about it?’ This series of security posts will help prepare you for that moment and, maybe, for most discussions on security.


The Big Picture

Security, more specifically ‘data security’ is absolutely a growing area of concern for education organizations. The graph below highlights how security is more on the minds of education CIO’s (albeit higher ed), than ever before.

Top 10 IT Issues - 2000- 2016


Part of the challenge when it comes to ‘knowing if your secure’ is that ‘security’ tends to include a range of different topics. Below are links to individual deep dives into various areas of security and ClassLink. Pick the topic that matters most to you or browse through them all. By reading through these deep dives and some of the supporting information you’ll be informed and ready to inform others. As always, if you have questions just call us and we’ll be glad to cover these or any related topic in greater detail.


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Security Deep Dives:

Laws, Regulations, and Industry Standards (FERPA, COPPA, Student Privacy Pledge and more…)

Security of Equipment and Infrastructure (ISO Certifications)

more to come…

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