Overcome Remote Learning Barriers

Today’s education environment demands that schools are prepared for quick shifts between remote, in-person, and blended learning. This can be challenging, but schools don’t have to face this daunting task alone. ClassLink was built for this.

Students need easy access to online resources. Teachers and administrators need actionable analytics. ClassLink makes the switch to remote learning less complicated by creating consistency in how students and staff engage with digital learning tools. Both teachers and administrators also have the ability to track engagement with resources.

How Can ClassLink Help?

The ability to quickly switch between in-person and remote learning models is now essential. Learn why over 10 million students and staff in 1,200 school systems trust ClassLink.


ClassLink Single Sign-on gives students and staff instant access to all their online resources from any device. Educators don’t have to worry whether or not their students can access everything they need to continue learning from home.


ClassLink Analytics provides critical data around student engagement with digital resources, even during remote learning. Administrators stay informed and measure ROI while teachers track engagement and address problems quickly.


Your students keep files in many places. ClassLink My Files eliminates the need for a VPN and brings your school network, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox to one location for easy access from anywhere.

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