New Features – July 2015

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  • July 16, 2015

We have released several changes to LaunchPad, with many more on the way. A lot of these changes would not be possible without the feedback from our users. Keep it coming!

Session Timeouts by Profile

Administrators may now set a session timeout for profiles after a specified period of inactivity. The session timeout can be set between 15 minutes and 24 hours.

This new feature can be accessed by editing any profile within the LaunchPad Management Console. The default for all profiles is 12 hours.

Session Timeout

When the user session is 1 minute from reaching the specified timeout, he or she will receive a notification.
session expiring

Auto-Logout of Single Sign-On Apps

When a user logs out of LaunchPad, any Single Sign-On applications that he or she has clicked during the LaunchPad session will also be logged out.

Disconnected Session Detection

LaunchPad will now alert you if you have logged out of LaunchPad from another tab/window, or if your session has expired.


Resource Library Changes

  • Renamed the “Enterprise” category to ” Library.”
  • “Add Custom App” renamed to “Add Your Own App.”
  • “Add Your Own App” form now allows the user to request a custom icon and/or Single Sign-On app directly.
  • “Autologins” section renamed to “One-Click Single Sign-On.”

ClassLink Roadmap

We now have a resource for you to view our development roadmap at The site will display features in development, planned development, and features that have been recently released.


You may also request a feature via the “Request a Feature” button.


Submissions will be reviewed by the ClassLink Support Team. Upon approval, the feature will be added to the “Feature Requests” section.

You may then “upvote” your feature request, or any feature request submitted by other LaunchPad users!


Keep an eye on our blog, as more updates are on the way this summer!

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