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Kimono and ClassLink are committed to providing Kimono Customers a path forward to improve access to digital learning resources. As you explore the migration to ClassLink, you’ll benefit from all we have to offer:

Fast, easy, and comprehensive Single Sign-On into more than 6,000 applications

Analytics capturing important access data to help inform strategy

Rostering and provisioning services designed specifically for schools

End-to-end support and service to ensure your success
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Webinar ⁠— From Kimono Directories to ClassLink:
What to Expect and How to Take Advantage
The strategic partnership between Kimono and ClassLink allows customers using Kimono Directories and SIFWorks Directory Manager (SDM) to migrate to ClassLink at a significantly reduced price, adding single sign-on for thousands of applications, while keeping the SIS integration, provisioning, and rostering features on which you depend.
Customers who migrate from Kimono Directories and SIFWorks Directory Manager (SDM) can expect:

Single sign-on capabilities

One login for classroom apps​

Additional login options ​

To save time rostering individual applications​

Similar automated provisioning and rostering features​
View our webinar to learn how the migration between Kimono and ClassLink will work, what to expect during ClassLink implementation, and how to get started with the next steps.